Warts were inherited from us by the denisovs?

The scientific world was shocked by the sensation: during the analysis of fragmentary and whole remains of people extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago, an inexplicable phenomenon became absolutely clear. Our distant ancestors simply did not know such pathologies of the skin as papillomas (warts). This conclusion was reached by the scientists who compiled the report for the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Warts were inherited from us by the Denisovs?

It is believed that the Neanderthals smoothly replaced the Denisov, or Denisovsky, whose remains were found in the Altai and date back approximately 40,000 years before our era. And so, for the first time papillomas could appear at the Denisov's person, consider microbiologists and biologists working with them, working with archetypes. The sexual way of transmission of weak, inconspicuous forms of papillomas from Neanderthal man - denisovtsu is not excluded.

It is established that human papilloma virus, HPV, is now widely spread, and according to WHO estimates, up to 1/9 of the total female population of the planet is infected with it. Research covered a significant part of both developed and developing countries, and following the results of the annual study in 2014, a similar pattern of distribution was established.

In addition to aesthetic discomfort for the HPV carrier, which manifests itself in visible rashes in the form of warts, special risks and anxieties do not cause this disease. This is when it comes to the male part of the population. Women are much more difficult, because a number of HPV types are not so harmless, and causes irreversible changes in tissues, including tissues of internal organs. Cervical cancer, breast cancer markers can also be manifestations of the activity of one of the unexplored strains of HPV. Scientists have already established that the subtype of HPV16 causes cancers, this is a dangerous group of viruses from one series with safe "wart" neighbors.

Scientists who conducted primary studies of a large group of human papillomaviruses established an obvious fact: it is the macabre forms, the notorious HPV16A and HPV16BCD, which cause direct oncological phenomena in the human body, older than modern mankind for tens of thousands of years. All these epochs the virus amazed and spread, mutating and strengthening the position. And if in the hearth of its inception, in Africa, this virus almost did not cause visible changes in health in native species, then due to contacts of the latter with Neanderthals and Denisians, the virus got a good ground for the most terrible consequences of its presence and parasitism in the human body, .

Thus, for us, the descendants of the Denis and the Neanderthals, that fateful meeting between the first and the northern brethren was the starting point of the procession of HPV in the world. If the African ancient forms of humans managed to preserve the purity of the species, and the Neanderthals and Denisians developed separately from them, it is unlikely that the ill-fated HPV16 causing cancer would get into the modern ethnogroups of Eurasia.