Walking without a stroller: choose slings, kangaroo bags and

Walking without a stroller: choose slings, kangaroo bags and carry-cots 1

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Walking without a stroller: choose slings, kangaroo bags and carry-cots

A stroller is perhaps the most convenient "transport" for a baby. But there are situations when you have to do without it. It is for such cases, there are special devices that make life easier for mom: a kangaroo bag, a sling and a carry-cot. What should I look for when choosing them?

Ekaterina Belova Goods expert, Moscow

Without a wheelchair it is convenient to go to the clinic, and travel by public transport with crumbs will not be a problem either. In the summer, various transfers are used especially actively - picnics, hikes, excursions, walks in the park ... It remains only to choose what you prefer: a kangaroo bag, a sling or a portable cradle.

Kangaroo Bag

In a bag-kangaroo, as a rule, begin to carry children in the age of 2-3 months. However, in each case, you need to carefully examine the design of the "kangaroo" and read the description to it, since there are bags that can be used only from 6 months, when the kids already learn to sit well on their own. This model is a simplified design, with a low soft back. At the same time, there are bags that can be used from the first days of the child's life.

In a kangaroo bag for newborns, a soft backrest with a rigid base is required, providing enhanced support for the baby all over the back. A high-density headrest with soft inner liners serves as a necessary support for the head and neck crumbs. The system of adjusting straps and side retainers allows you to tighten the baby closer to the mother's breast - as if she were holding it in her arms. Only this position - with simultaneous support of the head, neck and entire back, protects the children's spine from excessive loads.

Wide (from 15 cm and more), the soft-padded inguinal zone minimizes the burden on the crotch, correctly spreads the legs of the child, as a result they do not get tired and do not become numb. Holes for legs and hands are adjustable in size and have soft cuff edges. Adjustable fasteners and laces allow you to adjust the size of the backpack for the growth, composition and clothing of the child. 

Very practical multi-position "kangaroos", in which several options are available for carrying the baby: on the chest "face to yourself", on the chest "face to yourself" (if the baby is already confidently holding his head), behind (to carry older children) and even on side (a grown-up child will not obstruct the review of the parent).

Usually, backpacks are designed for children weighing up to 9-10 kg (approximately up to 9-12 months), less often - up to 11-12 kg (up to 15-18 months). "Kangaroo" with the possibility of carrying a child not only on the chest, but also behind the back withstand a load of up to 15 kg. Observance of the maximum permissible load guarantees the safe use of the "kangaroo" for the baby.

For additional ventilation, mesh inserts are provided in the bag. Practical and hygienic, if the interior upholstery can be removed for washing. A capacious pocket on the back - the little things necessary for a walk will always be at hand at mom's. For the carabiner holder you can fasten a pacifier or your favorite toy. 

More about "kangaroo"

Comfort for adults The backpack "kangaroo" should be convenient not only to the kid, but also to the parent. For fast and comfortable landing of the child the child's place can be completely detached from the shoulder straps. Returning home, the asleep crumb can be neatly, without disturbing his sleep, unfasten from himself and put in a crib. Sufficient stock of the length of the straps allows you to adjust them in accordance with the complexion, height and clothing of the parent. In the most comfortable models, adjustment can be carried out directly on yourself without outside help. All fastenings are strong and reliable - latches and carbines are preferable to buttons, Velcro and rings. Wide (6-8 cm) crossed on the back straps with soft pads-pads evenly distribute the load, under the weight of the child do not crash into the parents' shoulders, do not press and do not rub. A dense corset insert on the back - for increased support of the spine and shoulders of the parent, protection from overloads. The belt is used to redistribute the load, it reliably fixes the "kangaroo", not allowing the bag to hang out while driving.


Sling используется для детей с самого рождения и вплоть до двухлетнего возраста. Есть несколько моделей слингов.

Classic sling on the rings (it's the sling that is worn over the shoulder). It is a two-meter length of fabric (coarse calico, chintz, flannel, knitwear, etc.), on the one side of which two rings are sewn and a soft pillow is an overlay for the shoulder, and the other end ("tail") remains free and is threaded into these rings, closing construction. Over-the-shoulder sling is fitted with rings to fit the weight and position of the child, the complexion and growth of the mother herself. Rings can be plastic or metal. The first is softer and smaller in diameter, they are kept denser and do not rattle, but the metal is more convenient to adjust, they are safer. In a classic sling, the child can be worn differently: lying down, reclining, sitting facing the mother, not only on the chest, but also on the thigh and back, and you can change the positions directly on yourself without taking the baby out - it's very convenient.

Sling-сумка (усовершенствованный вариант классического слинга с набивными бортиками, боковой утяжкой, мягким матрасиком-дном и т. д.). К конструкции добавлены еще и карманы, застегивающиеся на кнопки, липучки, молнии, а также держатель для бутылочки и сотового телефона, доминируют модные материалы, расцветки и фурнитура (как правило, кольца заменены пряжками).

Sling-шарф (длинный, 3–6 м, отрез ткани, которым мама специальным образом обвязывается вместе с ребенком без использования каких-либо креплений и застежек). Чем длинней шарф, тем больше способов ношения становится доступным. За счет эластичности ткани шарф хорошо охватывает ребенка, принимая форму его тела, и надежно завязывается. Большой запас длины позволяет носить ребенка не только маме, но и папе, в любое время года, надев слинг-шарф на любую верхнюю одежду или под нее. Некоторые модели дополняются карманом, который служит не только вместилищем для детских мелочей и самого слинга, когда тот не используется, но и обозначает середину и лицевую сторону шарфа – при такой длине это важно для его правильного и быстрого завязывания. Недостатком слинга-шарфа является то, что многим непросто освоить саму технику завязывания, и в результате он используется всего лишь в 1–2 положениях. Поэтому для слинга-шарфа обязательно наличие русскоязычной инструкции с иллюстрациями, а еще лучше, если она будет в видеоформате на DVD-диске.

Mai-sling (in form it resembles a kangaroo backpack, but is actually close to a sling-scarf at the expense of long (up to 2 m) and wide straps sewn into the corners of the rectangular sling back). The child, pressed by the "back" of the sling to his mother, is fixed with straps. To do this, first the lower straps are tied on the waist behind, then the upper ones cross on the back and are tied on the waist in the front (for the position "on the breast of the mother"). Among the other available May-slings provisions are the position of the child on the back and on the thigh of the parent.


Another option for walking without a stroller is a carry-cot. This is an easy (no more than 1.5 kg) means for carrying a child in his arms, as well as for traveling by public transport. It is suitable for the baby from birth and up to 6-7 months (maximum load of 8-10 kg), has a hard bottom. For short handles, the cradle can be carried in the hands together with the baby, or can be worn and worn over the shoulder thanks to the long and wide belt (or two belts) - so the hands remain free.

Outside the house, such a cradle serves as a temporary baby cot for a baby. Sometimes it is completed with a bed, which includes a mattress, a sheet, a blanket, a pillow with a pillowcase. In external pockets on the upholstery of the cradle, you can put napkins, a removable diaper, etc. 

With such a transfer, you can safely ride with a crumb on the bus, without breaking your head, how to cram the wheelchair, and the signs on the doors of stores 

"Do not go in with strollers!" Now they will not stop a young mother. It can also be used as a temporary crib at home (for example, for "walking" the baby on the balcony) and at a party, as well as a liner in a wheelchair (some models are completed immediately). This is also convenient: having arrived, for example, in the clinic, leave the carriage at the entrance, and to the doctor to carry the baby in the bag.