Useful products that everyone consider harmful

Fat food, sweets, pasta ... We are all accustomed to consider these foods very caloric, and therefore harmful. But, according to Australian dieticians and some other researchers, many "harmful" foods - this is just a myth, but in fact, they are very useful. Here are 5 of them, which you can safely eat.

Useful products that everyone consider harmful

1. Butter

High cholesterol in butter? Yes, we heard. But a cube of oil in porridge or a thinly smeared sandwich for breakfast will not affect the level of cholesterol in the body. But butter contains valuable vitamins (A, E, C, B, D), calcium, phosphorus, essential amino acids, antioxidants and even oleic acid, which helps reduce the risk of oncological diseases.

2. Salo

Pork fat is considered very fatty and high in calories. Yes it is. But who said that in a healthy diet should be no fat? Moreover, white bacon contains not harmful, but useful cholesterol, which is easily absorbed by the body, and also - an abundance of vitamin D. It is better to eat not boiled and smoked, but salted lard that does not undergo thermal treatment.

3. They want

Gelatin contains an abundance of nutrients that are responsible for the beauty of the skin, hair, nails, and also for the health of cartilage, joints and ligaments. There are useful amino acids glycine and proline, which also help fight aging. Just do not buy ready-made powders for making jelly - they contain artificial colors and flavors. Take freshly squeezed fruit juice, compote or broth of wild rose, and add gelatin there - everything is extremely natural and very useful!

4. Macaroni

Everyone considers them to be very caloric, and indeed, pasta from "premium" flour (white flour of fine grinding) is unlikely to be of any use. But those made from durum wheat do not do any harm to your figure. Just do not add there fatty gravy or mayonnaise, it is better to eat pasta with vegetables, meat, greens. In addition, they have useful complex carbohydrates and fiber, which will improve digestion and saturate for a long time.

5. Breakfast flakes

Here, again, it all depends on how you cook them, and what kind of flakes you buy. Do not take sweetened flakes or with artificial additives. Take neutral and "fertilize" their useful products - milk, yogurt or kefir, fruits and berries, natural honey. Such breakfasts contain a lot of calories, so it's better to eat them only in the morning. But they will charge you with energy for a long time!

Now you know that you can include in the diet of those products that were previously considered harmful.