Use and storage of the carrot

carpetThe opinions of people about the storage of the kryzhma are divided. Some believe that the kryzhma must be preserved for years as a shrine, in no case should it be used for domestic purposes. The kryzhmu can not be washed after baptism, since it may contain droplets of peace. The kryzhmu must be kept for the rest of human life, it must accompany a person even in the last way. Others believe that it is possible and necessary to use the kryzhma more often, for example, as a blanket in a baby carriage or a crib, like a sheet. And when the child grows, then the kryzhma can be used for it as a towel for washing.

How do you deal with the kryzhma? How to store it correctly?

Kryzhma is a mandatory and basic attribute in carrying out the sacrament of baptism. In the process of the sacrament, the kryzhma is endowed with God's grace, it protects the child. For this reason, after the rite of baptism, the kryzhma is never erased. Kryzhmu retained until the end of human life. For each person, the carpet is a carefully preserved relic, a guard for the rest of life. Her parents keep in her house the baptized, and after the baptized becomes an adult and lives separately, the kryzhma is kept in his house. In the process of baptism, the kryzhma is endowed with magic miraculous powers that are able to protect the person being baptized from all bad things and to heal him. It is often used as a guard for the removal of "evil eye". If the children become unwell or if they become restless without cause, then the carcase comes to the rescue. Reenka in such cases should be covered with a lid or wrapped in a baby at night.
If a person in adulthood has his stored rattle, then he can use it for various unpleasant conditions, with stress, insomnia, rapid fatigue. You should sprinkle the sacred water three times before going to bed and put it on your chest all night. In ancient times, the person who died died so that he could find the kingdom of heaven. This amulet remains forever with the man.
It is not desirable to keep the kryzhmu in the middle of any other clothing, because the Crimea can become stained or absorb different smells. To store it you need to have a wardrobe box or a cover made of cloth.
In the people there is a saying "The one who managed to keep the kryzhma, managed to keep his own happiness!".