Top 7 reasons not to go to training

Are you surprised? It would seem that we always advocate for going to training in the rain, and in the snow, and even when you are tired or not in the mood. But really, there are several situations where it is better to skip training, or rather, shift to tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the next day. This does not mean that the break should be large, but sometimes it is better to refuse exercise.

Top 7 reasons not to go to training
  1. Medical indications If your attending physician has banned you from training, you can not argue with him. And certainly you can not go into the hall contrary to the doctor's testimony. Even the usual therapist knows when physical exertion is better to exclude, so as not to harm the health. And if you have any specific disease, and the training permit is recommended to you by a narrow specialist, you definitely should listen. Wait until the disease recedes, wait. If you previously visited the hall regularly, there will be no problem in order to quickly return to the form.
  2. Morning after the holiday In other words - a hangover morning. If you "used" the day before, you definitely should not go to the hall in the morning to "drive out alcohol". This will lead to nothing good. For a short while your health can improve, but inside the body will work for wear, especially the heart muscle and blood vessels. Do not want heart problems? Then the physical load with a hangover is contraindicated! The same applies to a completely "innocent" glass of wine, after which you will go to practice. This can lead to at least dehydration of the body. So if you are already relaxing with friends, postpone the workout for another day.
  3. Very strong Pain in the muscles after intense physical activity is the norm. But if they are too strong, it says not only that in the muscular tissues there was an abundance of lactic acid, but also that the muscles are injured. Microfractures of fibers, or rather a large number of them for a small area of ​​muscle, and lead to pain. In such cases, it is better not to go to training the next day. Give the muscles to recover, and microtraumas to heal, even if pain relief requires 3 or 4 days. The inflammation should pass, otherwise the subsequent work will not yield any results and will only exacerbate the situation.
  4. Disease We look at point 1 and listen to the doctor in charge - if you can not go to training, do not go, of course. But even if you yourself, without a doctor, diagnosed yourself with the first signs of a cold or SARS, it's also worth staying at home. Such signs will be a rise in temperature (even up to 37.5 degrees, which seems very insignificant to many), a runny nose, perspiration and sore throat, cough, headaches, weakness. Do not physically load, when your immunity is lowered, and the body throws all the forces to fight the virus. In this period it is better to rest, get a good sleep and recover. Besides, you definitely should not go into the hall and sow your germs there, infecting the others.
  5. Trauma We have already told you about the strength. But if the pain is too strong, it manifests itself locally, in one place, and does not pass several days, it is definitely worth to see the doctor. This can be a sign of a trauma - fracture or crack in the bone, stretching or rupturing of muscles and ligaments, joint displacement, etc. Do an x-ray or an ultrasound, a trauma doctor can additionally send you to an MRI. And exactly at such displays it is not necessary to go into the hall, in order not to make yourself even worse and not to get complications.
  6. Vacation Do not run to the gym during your vacation. Give the body to relax and relax after exercise - it will only benefit. A week of skipping your favorite training will not affect your physical fitness in any way, no matter how much you are afraid of getting better. During trips to the sea you do not get better, but lose weight. And even if the scales show a gain in mass, believe me, this is all - the water retention in the body. And if you do not have enough activity on vacation, plenty to swim in the sea, skate on skis, go on foot excursions.
  7. Lack of Mood The main thing here is not to relax too much. You should distinguish the lack of good mood due to some extraneous problems from the lack of attitudes to training. If you had a hard day at work, maybe training will just do you good and improve your tone, add energy and help you deal with problems. If you feel tired, broken, not slept, most likely, from training there will be no sense, you can not do it to the maximum. If the mood for classes is not constant, think about the fact that you can change the chosen type of fitness to some other one or hire a personal trainer.