Top 5 myths about alcohol in which we believe

To drink or not to drink alcohol, this is a private matter for everyone. But those who use it, no matter how much, know a lot about alcoholic beverages. Or he thinks he knows, based on stereotyped statements. It turns out that most of our knowledge about alcohol is not true. Therefore, we decided to tell about the main myths about alcohol, in which we continue to believe, but who are not the truth.

5 myths about alcohol, in which we believe

Myth number 1: better to have a snack than to drink

Many people think that strong drinks, and in general any alcohol is better to eat, rather than drink. Is this statement true? Must say that only partially. After all, snacks are very different - both cold and hot. If we snack a stack of vodka with meat cuts or a sandwich, fresh vegetables or a salad, this can be safely equated with the fact that we would have drunk alcohol. That is, in this case there will be no difference: cold food, as well as drinks, has a relatively weak effect on the neutralization of alcohol.

Another thing is hot drinks and hot dishes. As for drinks, then very few people will think of drinking vodka with tea. However, mulled wine, grog and other similar warm alcoholic cocktails will indeed be more harmless. The thing is that the heat slows down at times the absorption of ethanol. That is why, as far as food is concerned, it's better to have a snack with hot dishes - soups, roasts, stew will do the best.

Myth # 2: alcohol relieves stress and relaxes

So really believes the majority. And those who competently "relieve stress" with the help of alcohol, will piously believe in this statement. A small amount of alcohol, say, a glass of wine at the end of a hard working day can really remove unnecessary tension, distract from routine thoughts and current problems. But in fact, what you are drinking, these problems will not solve, but cares will not push into the background. Because here you can talk only about the short-term effect of relaxation. If you do not know the measures in such alcoholic "relaxation", everything will only get worse. Today you took the stress off with a lot of alcohol, and tomorrow you woke up with a terrible headache and you absolutely can not concentrate on the current affairs ... Was it worth one another?

Myth number 3: "tube" can be fooled

"Breathe into the tube" - it seems to many that the miracle-device alkotester, with which the road patrol checks the drivers for the presence of alcohol in the blood, can be deceived. Moreover, many even distribute various "real" stories, how and to whom it was possible, and tell how it can be done. Believe me, this is impossible. The breathalyzer is designed in such a way that the indicator substances contained in it react with alcohol vapors, which, in any case, will be released together with your breathing. And even if you mask the smell with chewing gum, Validol, herbs and other tricks, the indicator can not be deceived!

Myth number 4: the more expensive alcohol, the harmless it is

So it does not happen: alcohol - it is alcohol, and the harm from alcohol varies only by the number of degrees. The amount of alcohol in a drink will always affect the metabolism and other body functions in the same negative way. Another thing is that cheap "burning" vodka, which often represents either a poor quality brew or even a technical alcohol, is really easy to poison because of an organism's intoxication. And in other cheap alcoholic drinks (cognac "low poshiba", liqueurs, vermouths, wines, etc.) add various impurities: dyes, flavors, preservatives, flavors and other substances that can harm health worse than ethanol. Another plus in favor of expensive alcoholic beverages: they do not drink much, in most cases because of the cost. And they must really be savored: drink slowly and gradually. Accordingly, and the harm will be less.

Myth number 5: alcohol warms

In winter cold, with long walks or when skiing, you want to keep warm with mulled wine, and even a pile of cognac or vodka. Many believe that some alcohol can really warm up. In fact, this is nothing but an illusion. The warming effect of alcohol is very deceptive and, I must say, very dangerous. Really warm up our body can only the first 50-100 grams of strong liquor. They will expand the blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, increase the pressure a little, which will make the body work more actively and warm itself. But everything that you eat from above will not bring any benefit, but only dull the real feeling of whether it's cold to you or hot. That is why the cases of freezing with a lethal outcome of people who were in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication and simply did not feel that they freeze are so frequent.