Top 15 interesting facts about diets

If we talk about what women are looking for in search engines, then the word "diet" will probably be one of the most popular. Different slogans such as "lose weight in 3 days!" Or "miracle diet Hollywood stars" we are enticed to different sites that specialize in losing weight. But in fact, a lot of scientifically proven facts are collected about diets, about which many do not know. And here are 15 of them - the most interesting.

Top 15 interesting facts about diets
  1. You can have supper! And very necessary. And not necessarily for 3 hours before going to bed - it is possible and for an hour. But you need to make sure that the dinner was really easy. That at night your digestive system also rested and restored, but did not work at full, trying to digest a huge meat steak.
  2. Half of the women in the United States of America sit on diets - always, regularly or from time to time. The other half simply eats right throughout life. What do you think, which half really made progress and looks slimmer? The second - and this is a proven fact by the American Institute of Dietetics.
  3. If you constantly add celery to your diet, you will lose weight faster and better. This product can really stimulate the process of fat burning and removing fat cells from the body. Soup from celery is recommended to eat every day for their patients surgeons 3-4 days before surgery.
  4. In the same America recently conducted an interesting survey. His results showed that girls under the age of 25 are most frightened of extra pounds. More than cancer, the death of their own parents or even a nuclear strike! Such stereotypes are now hammered into the head of modern youth.
  5. Diets do not work! At least about 90% of all known to date. Yes, you can hear a lot of positive feedback, but you need to understand that everything is purely individual, and one diet can help you lose weight, and your girlfriend is completely different!
  6. The tendency to excess weight is due not only to heredity. If the expectant mother will eat a lot of fat and sweet during pregnancy, she can disrupt the normal operation of the hormonal system of the fetus and the baby's future, which can lead to obesity.
  7. Models should have parameters in the range of 90-60-90 - and to such volumes the majority of women aspire. In fact, only 5% of women can have such parameters for model growth without damage to health. For everyone else, weight loss to such numbers can become fatal.
  8. If you take all the people on the planet who are unhappy with your body and divide them by sex, 90% of them will be women, and only 10% are men. Happy people!
  9. Moreover, if we take all the women on the planet, then, again, a figure of about 85% will be those who always find fault with themselves. That is why women so often sit on diets and constantly strive to put themselves in order.
  10. However, the statistics are encouraging - this indicator is now decreasing by about 1% every year for the last 5-6 years. Perhaps, thanks to the modern "fashion" for a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, passion for physical activity, phytonaceae and others.
  11. If a man and a woman will observe the same diet under absolutely identical conditions, a man will lose weight exactly twice as fast. This is explained by the original, inherent in nature itself, the predisposition of women to accumulate excess weight.
  12. Nutritionists say that they are most often addressed by ladies at the age of 35 years. Of young girls, of course, metabolism is better and faster, and the body is more beautiful. And with age, unfortunately, it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight.
  13. Despite the fact that about 90% of diets do not work, as we said above, nutritionists still call one of the most effective zucchini diet. This vegetable is well saturated, but the calories in it are kept to a minimum. For 2 weeks you can throw about 5 kg!
  14. If you are not just afraid to grow fat, and you have obsessive thoughts and are a real phobia, you know, this is a diagnosis - obesophobia.
  15. And yes, people suffering from it, about 20% on our planet.