The big anniversary tours of the natalia sats theater

May 31 at the Moscow Theater "New Opera" named after E. Kolobov will be shown the performance of the Children's Music Theater. Natalia Sats "The Golden Cockerel" N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov.

The genre of this performance is opera-ballet, and two artists put it: Georgiy Isahakyan and Andris Liepa. In this play, the fairy tale of A.S. Pushkin appears as a brilliant and witty tale of the ridiculous and stupid Tsar, his teaser sons, the mysterious Star-ghost and the magnificent Shamakhan Queen. The spectacular scenery of Natalia Goncharova, restored especially for the performance of Natalia Sats Theater, the choreography of Mikhail Fokin, recreated by Gali Abaydulov on the basis of just 14 minutes of video recording of that legendary "Diaghilev" performance, an amazing combination of opera, ballet and even a concert show - "Golden Cockerel" Theater of Natalia Sats. This spectacle, captivating with its extravagant form, the boldness of the director's decisions and the luxury of the scenery, was shown with great success on the tour of the Natalia Sats Theater in Paris in 2013 and in London in 2014. At the end of May it will be shown in Moscow at the Theater "New Opera".