Stars that invited surrogate mothers

This statement is obvious for those who have used the services of surrogate mothers, women who carry biological parents of their children. And since this service is not cheap (in most cases surimas give birth for money), among biological parents there are many rich and famous. Among them are world stars, heroes of our review. Sharon Stone

Today the star of the "Basic Instinct" is 59 years old, and she has three sons, who until recently were considered receptionists. Stone admitted: because of health problems (asthma and diabetes), she tried for a long time, but she could not give birth, having survived several miscarriages. The first son, now 18-year-old Roan Joseph (it is known that he was rejected by an American teenage mother), appeared in the family during the marriage of Sharon with journalist and businessman Phil Bronstein immediately after her next unsuccessful pregnancy. Then, after divorce from Phil, the actress, with a difference of a year, took into the family two more boys: in 2005, Lairda Vonna and in 2006 - Quinn Kelly. Stone does not cover how Laird appeared (according to sources close to the actress, in order not to injure the older one, Rowan), however, he does not deny comments on this in the media. And according to them Laird was born to a surrogate mother in Texas at the time when Stone in London was shot in the continuation of the "Basic Instinct". As the Evening Standard reported, "Sharon paid for a surrogate mother to take out her child, and he was born yesterday in the United States. The actress said that she would fly to him as soon as she could. " Who has become the biological father of the baby, is still unknown.

Elton John

In 2010, when the legendary musician, composer and singer Elton John was 64 years old, and his partner David Fernish was 49, their first son appeared in their unconventional family. Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born on Christmas day at a surrogate mother. At first, a couple who had been together for almost two decades before that attempted to adopt a 14-month-old HIV-infected boy named Leo from an orphanage in Ukraine. However, Nezalezhnaya rejected the request of the couple, first, because of the old age of John, and secondly, because in 2010 the country did not recognize marriages between men. As a result, John and David decided to give birth to a child with the help of a surrogate mother, mixing their sperm. "This is a guessing game, because when we look at our little son, we can see the features of Elton, and we can see my features," said Furnish, when asked about who is still the biological father of them child. To the same method, the couple resorted for the second time, again handing over their biological material to a surrogate mother - the same woman who carried and fattened her milk with Zachary. So, in January 2013, Zahari appeared brother Elijah.

The average cost of one surrogate motherhood in the United States varies between 70,000 and 130,000 dollars. Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress, who made the famous "Sex and the City", does not hide that her surrogate mother carried twins in common with her husband, Hollywood actor Matthew Broderick. And before their arrival in the family, the boy James Wilk, born in Sarah and Matthew in 2002, quite naturally grew up. The couple again tried to become parents, but - alas ... "We tried to expand our family for several years, and explored various ways for this," - confessed Parker in an interview with Access Hollywood in May 2009, a month before the birth of her surrogate mother twins. The most difficult for the actress seemed to be how she would hide the way that babies will be born, so she told the whole truth right away, long before the birth, calling even the name of the surrogate mother - Michelle Ross. And in vain, because immediately after this statement Michelle was attacked by paparazzi, uninterrupted until the birth. The woman was hacked into the phone, climbed into her computer, she was threatened and harassed of new information about pregnancy. Fortunately, when the twin sisters Marion Loretta, Elvel Broderick and Tabitha Hodge Broderick were born in June 2009, everything ended for Michelle.

Robert De Niro

Бурный роман Роберта Де Ниро и модели Туки Смит уже завершился к тому времени, когда на свет появились их общие близнецы, сыновья Джулиан Генри и Аарон Кендрик, рожденные от суррогатной матери в 1995 году. К тому времени у 52-летней знаменитости уже было двое детей от предыдущих браков. Близнецы остались жить с матерью, но участвовать в их воспитании Де Ниро никогда не отказывался и любит подчеркивать свое отцовство. Через два года актер нашел новую любовь, которой стала стюардесса Грейс Хайтауэр, родившая ему вскорости еще одного, пятого ребенка, сына Эллиота, которому диагностировали аутизм. Но на этом пара не остановилась, твердо решив завести еще одного малыша. Однако возраст супругов стал серьезным препятствием в осуществлении этой мечты. Неудачные попытки в течение 13 лет обрести ребенка естественным путем закономерно привели к общему решению воспользоваться услугами суррогатной матери, благо у Де Ниро такой опыт уже был. Так, в возрасте 68 лет Robert De Niro и его жена Грейс, 56 лет, стали счастливыми родителями девочки Хелен. Сегодня, малышке исполнилось шесть, и она, без сомнения, самый любимый ребенок 74-летнего папы Роберта, у которого, кстати говоря, уже и внуки ее возраста подрастают.

Nicole Kidman

The famous and ageless Kidman is a large mother. With their first husband, Tom Cruise, they adopted a boy and a girl, and then, literally during the divorce process, Nicole, alas, had an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. After marrying Australian singer Keith Urban, in 2008 Nicole endured and gave birth to Sunday's Rose daughter, and in December 2010, at the age of 44, the actress met a new member of her family, Vera Margaret. This girl, the biological daughter of Nicole and Keith, was born and born to a pair of surrogate mothers. "Our family is really happy," said the couple, "no words can convey incredible gratitude to all those who supported us all this time, in particular our surrogate mother." Urban said that on the appearance of the youngest child in the family, Sanday insisted, who very much wanted to be older (two of Nicole's adopted children live separately). True, she counted Sunday for her brother ... Celebrating the Seven Years of the Faith at the end of last year, Nicole wrote: "You are so gentle, kind and loving! You're so joyful! It's a blessing to be your parents. "

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