Specialists mothercare give advice on the selection of

The child should have the right shoes from the first steps.

The expert MOTHERCARE and the representative of the PediPed brand gave young mothers useful advice on the master class, which was held with the support of the magazine "Happy Parents" on February 28 in Afimole.

An expert on child development, a practicing pediatrician with 25 years experience, director and founder of the Medical School EvaDoktor, Elena Antsiferova told about caring for children's feet and choosing summer shoes for kids. "The baby's legs grow particularly fast during the first three years of his life, so special attention should be paid to supporting the growing bones and joints. During the formation of the skeleton, the child's leg is very vulnerable, and therefore it is difficult to overestimate the importance of selecting the right footwear "- Elena Antsiferova is sure.

A child who is just learning to walk does not need shoes. It can hurt the foot, interfering with normal development. At this time, the baby is best to walk barefoot, this is an excellent prevention of leg diseases. Bring the crumbs bare feet on the carpet, massage paths, inclined surface. It develops well and stimulates the muscles of the feet.

When the baby is already willing to step, think about what to put on. "The first footwear for the baby should not only be comfortable, but also safe for health - it is not recommended to use the shoes that other children used to wear earlier," notes Elena Antsiferova. For the first shoe, models with a soft leather sole that do not fetter the child's movements and allow the child's leg to develop naturally. "Boots should be of appropriate size, they should neither reap nor be too large. When fitting it is important to leave additional space in the area of ​​the sock, so that the baby can move his fingers "- recommends the expert PediPed.

For children who are already firmly on their feet and ready for active walks, the expert recommends not only choosing the right shoes, but also offering them exercises and games to strengthen the muscles of the foot. "At this age it is important to choose shoes with good ventilation to prevent the appearance of sweating of the legs" - advises Elena Antsiferova.

The MOTHERCARE chain of stores understands the importance of choosing high-quality and beautiful children's clothes and shoes, therefore organizes master classes for parents with detailed and useful tips on selecting clothes. And in the stores of the network, parents can choose the perfect clothes and shoes for different occasions for their crumbs.

- from flat feet the child may have a headache and bite,

- the first steps are better to do barefoot, so that the fingers cling to the floor,

- for foot health it is useful to eat not only cottage cheese, but also jelly from agar-agar,

- the first footwear should not be orthopedic, but simply correctly selected.