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FISH (20.02-20.03) - THE ZODIAC SIGN


zodiac sign of fishIt's unlikely that you will meet this man at the president's table. But among them there are many creative and artistic people. They have little ambition, they hardly seek power and leadership from other people, even wealth does not attract their attention. Some of them have money, but most often when they marry "money" or inherit them. Pay attention that they are not at all against money as such, they will gladly accept them, it's just that Pisces understands the temporary character of money better than others. They do not want to be millionaires, they want to live like millionaires - that's their philosophy.

The heart of a typical Pisces does not contain but it has a lack of strength or almost carelessness about tomorrow. They can not fight and swim against the current in which they are. For them, it is much more characteristic, because it requires less effort, to go with the flow, wherever it leads them. But in such a floating stream the trap is hidden - they are waiting for a dangerous hook: a lost life. You will be greatly charmed by his manner and lazy good nature. He is indifferent to any restrictions in life, if they do not prevent him from swimming with his current. He is even more indifferent to the opinion of other people. This is generally an indifferent sign to many important things. Very little can force them to act.

Of course, we can not say that the fish is completely blind, it has a character. If it is finally taken out of itself, it can be sarcastically sarcastic. They can be annoyed with their tail and circles on the water. Typical Fish usually follows the path of least resistance, and the cold waters of Neptune constantly cool her anger. She loves water and other drinks. Many of them drink and stronger liquors are more than normal. Like Scorpio and Cancer Pisces love alcohol. Very few Pisces can come to a cocktail and stop at this. Most Pisces find relief in alcohol. He lulls them with a pleasant sense of security, but this is a dangerous lullaby. All this does not mean that every Fish becomes an alcoholic, but the percentage is too high among them.

The fish is born with the desire to see the world in a rosy light. She knows well that humanity has unpleasant sides and she prefers to live in her watery gentle world. And indeed, it's terrible to watch them plunge into their pink dreams, which do not have the slightest hint of realization. When life hits them and they fail, instead of jumping out of this danger, they begin to hide behind pale green illusions that prevent them from making a practical decision. Rejected Fish also instead of really looking at the situation, begins to create false hopes, this time as it would be necessary to take some decision and follow a new and specific path. This could lead Fish to real success, not imaginary. They have a choice: to swim in different currents - up and down. This choice is always in front of them, because There is no shortage of talent in Pisces. But for many of them the difficulty lies in the fact that they can not look ahead. Their eyes are located on each side), and most of them therefore prefer to swim down and often retreat.

Fish do not tolerate any criticism in their address. They have a wonderful memory. For every Pisces, life is a huge scene, among them there are many truly gifted people. They have the ability to foresee. It's good to listen to their advice. Pisces is a sign of death and eternity in the Zodiac, since this is the last sign. This is a 12 sign and therefore nature carries a mixture of all other signs.

A typical Fish never cares about itself. She spends most of her energy helping relatives and friends by charging their burdens.

Fish should try to refrain from various tonic and soothing agents, troubles and overwork. Bad nutrition affects the health of their liver and digestive organs. There are cases of diseases of the hands and feet, frequent colds, flu, pneumonia. But Pisces has an internal resistance to diseases.

Humor is one of the secret weapons. They grin to hide their tears. They are masters of satire. They can express their subtle observations. Their humor can be both warm and harmless, and cold and hard. They have a strong sense of compassion and a desire to help the sick and the weak. To help is the very first instinct of Pisces. They hate to answer the question directly "yes" and "no", preferring to say "maybe." They in general very often speak evasively without a special reason. Everything is illusory in Pisces. Their character can not be clearly described. Those who want to love her, must call on all imagination to help her understand her strange plans and emotions. They are stronger and wiser than they assume, but Neptune keeps this secret until Fish herself discovers it.



zodiac sign fish manYou need to make sure that your man - Fish, knows his tide, if he rushes into this stream, then you will be happy, like no one else and you are waited for glory and wealth. But if your Fish did not notice the beginning of the tide and looked at the stars, missed it, then I warn you that staying on the can will lead to great troubles in your life. Fish can be on the one hand, everything you would like, and on the other hand, everything that you would not like. The tide in his affairs is a synonym for chance. He needs to be able to make a firm decision, act purposefully and be able to sink all his dreams that hinder success. But the trouble is that many men - Pisces never see that the tide begins, that the water is already splashing at their feet. This man is not weak, he just lingers too long on the dying silver star and misses the bright sunrise and success.

Not all Pisces are dreamers, but most of them are just like that. However, there is hope, because there is always hope in life. Although the world really needs his vivid imagination, there may come a time when he will have to do business in order to make a living. When he accepts this, his intuition, in combination with the mind, can direct him to reasonable goals that will bring him fame and recognition, and maybe wealth. Let's hope that you met with such a man. However, if, say at the age of 25, he never found his current, then, frankly speaking, his future is not very promising. You can stretch the term to 35 years, but you are already at risk. I have all this in mind in connection with your life together, and he can consider his own future more or less satisfactory.

Most of these men live, they believe, quite tolerable. This is because all they need is their dreams, a wine decanter and a loaf of bread. And he is happy like most of us who have and have great opportunities. This dreamer exists only on bread and wine, but such a diet will not feed his wife. You need, of course much more. There is only one way out with such a husband - you need to be a very wealthy heiress. Or work for two: for yourself and for him.

All male Pisces are big romantics, they literally breathe it. Of course, you can not buy shoes. With such a husband you need to have a protege. If Fish finds a patron, then he can turn into a good writer, an artist. But how can he find such a person if all his joys are connected with you? Therefore, you can not count on such a success. Better say goodbye to your Fish now. You'll cry a little and it may be painful, but not enough to be married to Fish, this good walking dream and not have money to pay for the apartment. That's really insulting.

Let's talk about those who sailed on the river in time. It must be said that this is a real find for any woman. He can be a great man. He has many opportunities. He has no prejudices, he rarely criticizes or accuses of something, because he has great patience. He also has great sympathy, his friends can trust him all without fear of shocking him. The fish is curious. He himself simply needs sympathy and a lawyer to protect him. It is difficult for him to understand sometimes that people may misinterpret his words. You can rely on the Fish, he will never give out other people's secrets. Rare Pisces speak quickly and often, typical Fish says slowly, does not get into other people's affairs, although he is full of problems of his friends, relatives and neighbors. They run to him, because he listens well to them. You will feel that you want to lay out all the failures to him.

If anything is needed by Pisces, it is only that his troubles are alleviated. He must relax with you. His nature is so susceptible to other people's troubles, that he is permeated with all their problems. The life of such a spiritual sponge can be very hard for his psyche. He is very clearly experiencing everything that happens to those who have opened their hearts to him.

The fish needs long periods of rest. His soul must be at times alone, so that the fresh wind will free him from all troubles and bring peace. Therefore, never scold your Fish when it is silent. He really needs these moments. If he wants to walk, let him go. Always be together - in this way you can ruin the whole beauty of love. Remember that he is very sensitive, you can easily offend him. His timidity comes from a painful understanding of his limited abilities. He needs to know that his virtues are highly valued by those he loves. Constantly cheer him up. This person can become interested in yoga, believe in actual miracles, in astrology. This usually benefits him. Stabilize his emotions. Soothe his vivid imagination.

Fish often lose their temper, but his anger is rarely bright and long. When it passes, life again becomes peaceful. Some Pisces express their demands for household management, but they are usually harmless. And it is almost impossible to imagine a Fish deeply offended, like, for example, Taurus. Imagine how lucky you are. Although it is very difficult for him to understand himself, he is very easily versed in other people, it is difficult to fool him: he sees through you. However, he can fool you if he needs it, because he has the quality to hide his feelings and thoughts. Your Fish can sometimes say that he went out to buy cigarettes, and at that time he was actually in the laundry. Why? Nobody knows this. This way of hiding himself gives him pleasure.

He can have even worse habits only to give the work to his rich imagination. He will not have explosions of jealousy. Even if he is jealous, he can pretend that he does not notice anything. But this is a man, despite all his poetic nature, so he needs your jealousy. And you will have to control your jealousy, tk. he has many close friends of both sexes. And they will appeal for his sympathy sometimes and at the wrong time. He admires the beauty, he can view beautiful legs from time to time, but make an effort not to pay attention to it. And your reward will be a faithful husband who is both a romantic lover and an interlocutor with whom you can talk about everything. When he is attacked by depression and a gloomy mood, throw your apron into a corner, buy tickets for a fun performance. Fish easily succumb to various offers.

You will have to teach him to be economical and careful with money. It can be taught, but at the same time be yourself economical, give him an example. One spender in the family is enough. Fish is easy to manage, if the leader of the roads to him and respect them. Children with him will be very fun. For them it will be an animated book of fairy tales. They may even adore him. You will punish them, and he will listen to their problems, develop their mind. And this is good.

Do not stop him from dreaming, but you must help him find a workable dream and should not fill him with his complaints. His hopes and dreams must be met with understanding. It should be supported by a happy family life. Do not criticize him and do not get tired especially. And someday his crazy dreams of useless can turn into real and coincide with your dreams.

Pisces is a sign of relaxation. Maybe it makes you nervous and scary, but it's true. You can help him gather. Give him a dream for breakfast, a clever joke for dinner, Chopin for dinner. And then, you yourself are finally free to choose your husband. But do not be afraid to jump into the water, water is always pleasant.



Sign of the zodiac fish womanEven without astrology, the opinion spread and enough rumors about the charm of this woman. She has, of course, negative features, but at first glance this is a woman that every man can dream of. It is necessary to say that modern emancipated women, which give the impression of a strong nature, have further increased the value of the female Pisces. She rarely tries to outshine a man, being married or not, she does not have the slightest secret desire to dominate him. He can calmly give her a chair, light a cigarette, but talk about how beautiful he is. All that is necessary for him to protect her, take care of her, she will be pleased to lean against his broad shoulder and let him know how strong he is and how much she needs in this world. She will listen to all his troubles. She believes that any man can turn the world around. And this confidence is passed on to men, and they feel as they would like. And you still wonder why it is so popular?

Fish is a cozy, quiet woman for a proud man. It seems that it has nothing to do with transport noise, neon lights, its own light is soft and smoky. She is amazingly feminine. Men are drawn to her like bees on nectar. Enough small talk with her and the man instantly relaxes. She will never blame anything for a man, it will always be the fault of someone else, but not of a man. She will force him to move forward, but only with his own speed, which is quite comfortable with it. Do I need to explain to you that this woman is the most dangerous for her rivals?

After marriage, she can begin to put forward her demands. Speaking frankly, she will demand a lot. In the end, so you need it for allowing your charm to overcome you. She will often be sarcastic and sarcastic, but every woman has such a mood. As for the Fish, it will often be more gentle than scandalous. She will be irritated by the stiffness and laziness of her husband, and who says that such men do not deserve such an attitude? In addition, her femininity covers her flaws and most often she is soft, dreamy and feminine. Since the Fish swims in different directions, there are situations that can lead to any other woman, but of course, from time to time a rude word and irritable nature can make her mad. It is difficult to understand in which direction it is moving.

They say that Fish likes depth, so you need to know her some secret motives. What makes her swim? First of all, she is secretive and even sometimes deceptive, when she practices you the power of her charm. This woman can be strong enough inside and at the same time maintain the appearance of defenselessness and tenderness. She is always somewhat pensive and detached. She does not understand the economy at all, but she is doing a good job of farming, she manages to dress well, prepare a 7-course dinner, pay in time for an apartment, buy expensive gifts and all this for the same salary as we have. She always openly expresses her love and affection to everyone: the butcher, the seller, the courtyard cats. She can only have one enemy - the man she left when she met her future husband. It is possible that he will do foolish things with grief, and she probably does not even remember his name.

Heartless women are Pisces, secretive and deceptive. But do not try to impress this on her neighbors. Like the March winds, she will have a lot of moods. She's terribly sentimental. When her feelings are affected, she can shed crocodile tears. It will be with a secret reproach to look at you, as if you killed a small crocodile. Sometimes she comes up with the idea that she is absolutely not created to withstand the cruel world around her and she is covered with depression. At such times you must tell her that you admire her deep wisdom, her understanding of everyone who met her. This is usually true.

The hardest thing for her is to overcome her shyness and doubt. If her fears go far, she moves away from everyone, and then wonders why she is lonely. She often is afraid to impose herself, to push too hard on someone, although such thoughts never occur to anyone except herself. From time to time, Fish covers up its timidity and vulnerability with witticisms and wisecracks. But this is only a veil to hide the insecurity from the eyes of rude people who can hurt her heart if she uncovers it. But despite her artificial independence, she gives the man to light her cigarette.

She can fool the men, saying: "Who needs husbands? They only spoil life!" And imagine, this says Fish, which needs to rely on you, more than anyone. She gives her heart to children, not encroaching on the place you occupy, she understands their fears and uncertainties better than others, she can afford too much, can not practically establish discipline, her lack is the lack of firmness and the lack of understanding that she spoils children , raising them with constant guardianship. She will gladly allow you to support herself and the whole family, she can be a spender, but she will refuse champagne if necessary. Do not forget about her birthday, the anniversary of the wedding, tk. she does not forget about it. Whether she is a nun in a monastery or a singer in a cabaret, she will always remain a woman by 100 percent.