Show "the adventures of darwin darwin"

For the first time in Russia the premiere of the unique American high-tech light electroluminescent show "Adventures of the Darwin Darwin" will take place. This is an innovative theater project, consisting of music and technologically stunning visual effects, magically attractive for both modern children and their parents.

The performance will be an excellent and very unusual gift to children in the days of their school holidays. What happens on the stage will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. The play creates bright emotional experiences and simultaneously allows the child to know the world.

40 different characters are represented by 6 artists in intricate high-tech LED suits and dolls that seem alive. In the "black office" of the scene suddenly appear fantastic creatures, as if created from luminous colored crayons, delineate space in a scattering of bright colors. They emerge from nowhere, shine and shimmer, their shimmering radiance fascinates ... And to the sound of music they tell viewers an interesting story about the adventures of a small dinosaur who will know the world.

The show's creators Ian Carney and Corbin Popp met while working on the Broadway show "Moving Out". Their lives have been changed by a random finding of a product called EL wire. EL wire is an electroluminescent wire powered from batteries. In contrast to the light of ultraviolet lamps, this technology glows from the inside and does not require connection to the power supply. Together with their wives, Eleanor and Whitney, they began to develop a modern puppet theater and sharpen the mastery of turning puppets into living creatures, that form of art that finds the key to every viewer who sees it live. And as a result of many years spent on the development and development of the project, Darwin appeared. The truly unique and stunning.

The story begins with Professor Henslow, the most famous scientist with a magical charm. We see him in the workshop, collecting his latest creation, Darwin, in one piece, piece after piece. With the wave of the magic wand of Henslow, Darwin comes to life. The professor makes Darwin's heart, which creates in him compassion for other beings. After that, he calls the dinosaur to study life outside the workshop and sends it out, giving him fireflies to guide him through the night. Darwin will encounter many different creatures, including the awkward ostrich Verla, the beautiful Peche fish and the sinister red dinosaur Brutis. In the end, when Brutis threatens Professor Henslow, Darwin will be forced to make a decision. A decision that will change his life forever and, in the long run, will reveal to him the true meaning of love. After the show, each curious spectator can see firsthand the magic of the transformation of inanimate wires and batteries into living beings.

WHERE TO LOOK: BKZ "Kosmos" (metro VDNH, Mira ave., 150)

BEGINNING SHOW: November 3 at 19.00. November 4-6 at 12:00, 15:00 and at 18:00.

COST OF TICKETS: from 600 to 2 000 rubles.