Quotes from cartoons about disney princesses

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast". The main heroine of Bell's cartoon is one of the most beloved princesses of all girls, who, in her example, showed them all that one can truly love someone, despite the external data. Today Parents together with the online cinema MEGOGO recall the best quotes from "Beauty and the Beast" and other cartoons about Disney princesses.

1. "Beauty Monster"

He is certainly not the Beautiful Prince, but there is something in him that I did not notice before.

- What would I do for her ...- Well, there are standard things: flowers, chocolate, oaths that do not fulfill ...

"I let her go." "Why?" "I just love her.

2. "Mermaid"

"So, becoming a man, I'll never see my father and sisters?" "It is, but you will be with the prince!" We often make a choice, do not we?

"Oh, it's all bad." "What's wrong with her?" "Is not that obvious, Daddy? Ariel fell in love!

How is the world in which such beautiful things are created, can it be bad? ..

3. "Cinderella"

Even for miracles, it takes a little time.

And after going through all this, Cinderella remained meek and kind, as with every new dawn she continued to believe that one day her dreams of happiness will come true.

"Your Majesty, I do not deserve this." "Everyone deserves true love."

4. Aladdin

How dare you? All of you! Standing around, decide my future? I'm not a prize that can be won!

"Ginny, help me!" "All right, Sparky, listen here ... If you want to please the lady, act directly ... Piu! Without hesitation ... - What? - Tell ... her ... the truth! "What?" If Jasmine finds out that I'm just ... rubbish ... she will laugh ... - Women love men who cheer them up!

I want a lion to attack you and I'll kill him. That the whole Baghdad would catch fire, and I would take you out of the fire. And for an earthquake, and for all to fail, and only you and I remain.

5. "Pocahontas"

Let your heart guide you.

I do not know what I can do. Nevertheless, I know, I should try.

Listen with your heart - you will understand!

6. «Mulan»

"A flower blossoming in bad weather, a rare jewel ..." "Um ... Excuse me?" "Such girls are not born every century!

As this year's trees blossom blossom ... but look - that does not blossom. However, when it dissolves, I'm sure it will be the most beautiful.

One rice grain bends the scales. One person can become a pledge of victory or defeat.

7. "Rapunzel: The Tangled Story"

People are evil and cruel, and if they get a ray of light in this world - it is doomed.

Where is your humanity? Have you never dreamed of anything?

When one dream comes true, you go after a new one.

8. "Bravehearted"

Someone just lives by the will of fate, someone is struggling to change it. There are those who are looking for their own destiny, but there are those who are being led to it.

If you have a chance to change your destiny - think.

I do not want to get married, I want to be free, and let my hair develop in the wind when I ride through the valley, releasing arrows in the setting sun.