Quality coffee makers contaminate espresso with a dangerous

Some expensive models of espresso coffee machines leave large amounts of lead in ready-made beverages for a few days after washing.

Quality coffee makers contaminate espresso with a dangerous amount of lead

Lead is a heavy metal that is very dangerous to the human body. A study conducted by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in Berlin showed that two-thirds of espresso machines that were tested left large doses of lead in coffee after regular washing and cleaning, according to Spiegel.

According to the researchers, the level of lead in water, immediately after washing the car, was in the drink a hundred times higher, permissible in the EU countries. Even a few days after washing, the coffee maker left in the water five times more lead than allowed by sanitary regulations.

It turned out that lead was distinguished by the contact of modern powerful detergents with individual elements of the design of the coffee machine. The study was conducted on the most popular types of coffee makers, which are located in most cafes and restaurants.

So-called capsule coffee makers are much more dangerous in terms of water contamination with lead.