Pregnancy: "instructions for use"

The most touching show returns to the screens! From the first ultrasound to the birth of a child, from the registration in the women's consultation before the purchase of the first raspashonok - the whole truth about the preparation for maternity in the second season of the "Pregnant."

The phrase "Congratulations, you will have a baby!" Divides the life of a woman into two periods: "before" and "after". Emotions go off-scale, and a thousand questions arise in the head: how to behave correctly in a new status, when and by what principle should you choose a maternity home, is it worth making a contract with the clinic? Do not panic! The heroines of the new season of the reality show "Pregnant" on the "Domashny" TV channel will share all the intricacies of staying in the position and will tell how to cope with all the difficulties that arise.

The first season of the project, with the participation of TV presenter Tutta Larsen, wife of Dmitry Dibrova Polina and former soloist of the group "Demo" Sasha Zvereva, viewers of the channel saw in 2015. This time, ordinary women will join star heroines - Galina Yudashkina, Valeria Gai Germanic and Daria Pynzar. They are not hunted by the paparazzi, the press does not write about them ... But they, just like any mother, are ready for anything for the sake of their child.

Set a world record with "Domashnim"! In the coming May holidays, the degree of entertainment in Moscow will be much higher than at the best beach resorts! May 2, within the framework of the festival "Moscow Spring" on Tverskoi Boulevard will be held a "Big Feast for Pregnant Women" from the TV channel "Domashny". After all, even the most demanding residents of the city will be able to find classes for themselves that they will like. So, "Homashny" prepared a surprise for beautiful girls who are already in an interesting position or are just planning to add to the family. For one day, the TV channel will turn Tverskoy Boulevard into a real "paradise for pregnant women": fascinating lectures about preparing for motherhood, creative workshops, entertainment for the whole family and, of course, pleasant gifts! Her presence at the festival has already confirmed one of the heroines of the second season of the reality show "Pregnant" Daria Pynzar! For participation it is necessary to register on the website of "Homashny", get the participant number and have a certificate of pregnancy confirmation or ultrasound. The beginning of May 2 at 12:00!

Never sleeping New York, pacified Bali, one of the most expensive megacities of the world or a modest town outside the MKAD? Private clinic or center of natural birth on the other side of the world? For nine months, the girls will face not only the joys of correspondence acquaintance with the baby and his first tremors, but also serious tests: obsessive fear to give birth to a child with pathology, terrible news about a serious illness of her husband, stereotypes about late pregnancy, typical problems of "single mother" and the inability to give birth naturally. Each of the women will go their own way and prove that no problems can become an obstacle to the main happiness in life.

The second season of the reality show "Pregnant" look at "Domashnem" from May 16!