On june 1, the "children and the road"

June 1, 2014 in Moscow in the Lyceum "Vorobyovy Gory" will host a children's holiday "Children and the road." The purpose of the celebration is the formation and strengthening of children's knowledge of the rules of the road.

On this day in the Lyceum "Vorobyovy Gory" a child of any age will find entertainment for himself. Children will be able to take part in competitions, get prizes and gifts. Participants will be offered an interactive performance and an exciting quest for children 10-12 years old. At the festival will perform an interactive puppet theater with a special program - the growth dolls in a cheerful game form will bring to the guests the most important traffic rules. In addition, children will be able to ride electric cars, trishaws, scooters and bicycles, and also to collect a cardboard car in full size. During the holiday, the youngest participants will be rolled by a real steam locomotive.

The program of the holiday includes leisure for parents. So, adult visitors are waiting for the current master class on the safe transportation of children and the right choice of car seats. In total, within the framework of the holiday on June 1, more than 15 events for children and adults will be held, designed to draw attention to the topic of compliance with traffic rules.

The event will be held on June 1, 2014. Time: 12:00 Meeting place: st. Kosygina, 17, Lyceum "Sparrow Hills"