Olga kokorekina: mother of the princess

Recently, the presenter of Channel One, Olga Kokorekina, after some absence, returned to the news program. The break was due to more than respectful - the daughter Dasha was born to the TV star.

Olga Kokorekina I left early enough for a sick leave, then for a maternity leave. Toxicosis in the traditional sense I did not have, but pursued an eerie giddiness. The floor was swaying, the walls were shaking, and the ground floated away from under the feet. In this state, it was quite difficult for me to broadcast. I collected myself and conducted the program on an honest word, as they say, on one wing. She explained the situation to her doctor and heard in response: "Olya, you need to slow down your life's pace for your health and the health of a future child." The doctor strongly recommended going to the hospital. And I did not argue with her.

S.R. How did you spend this time, what did you do? Honestly, I did not have a full rest. The first three months I was preparing for an event called "wedding" - a very costly event in both the financial and psychological sense. And then began an equally entertaining story called "apartment repair." Vadim, my spouse, has a serious business, and he certainly could not fully take up the arrangement of the apartment. And since I was not working at that moment, I took the initiative on this issue myself. And the result very, very satisfied us both.

S.R. Children's room was arranged somehow especially? I did it with great love, did it completely to my taste, although I constantly consulted my husband about everything else in the apartment. Vadim, seeing the children's room, said that this room turned out to be the best. All light, in gentle, pastel colors, with ivory furniture. Over the bed of Dasha I hung a beautiful canopy. The thing is pretty useless, but it looks very good. The husband exclaimed: "It's just a bed of a little princess!"

S.R. It is so indeed? Dasha for you - a little princess? Certainly. It is necessary to wake up quite early, but I always get up with the expectation of a joyful event, and this joyful is the smile of my daughter. She invariably wakes up in a good mood, and when I start to say some first words, she immediately stretches out her face in a charming, toothless smile. Her smile warms me very much in the morning.

S.R. And your princess is already showing character? Recently I in one clever book for mothers have read through, that character of the child can be understood from the first days of a life. I think that this is an exaggeration. But already I see that according to Dasha's temperament, a sanguine person. It must necessarily be something to interest. For about thirty minutes she can still be alone, play rattles, beat her foot on the music wall, listen to the sounds that come with it. But very soon my mother is called, and quite persistently. I take my daughter in my arms, I bring them to different subjects, I tell her about them, and she ceases.

S.R. Olga, can you tell the story of Dashi's appearance? How did you meet her dad? The history of our acquaintance does not have much time. We met in late May 2007 at the presentation of the album "A-Studio". They found themselves at one table and started talking. At that moment, I did not have any thoughts that acquaintance could go somewhere further. From time to time they called back, treated each other with great sympathy, but did not build any romantic plans. And in the autumn of last year, when I broke up with my former husband, I crossed Vadim several times. Once we talked with him in detail, just about life, and felt that in many issues we coincide. There were several such conversations. And I realized that Vadim was looking for these meetings, and I'm happy for them too. And then everything began to develop quite rapidly. December 14 was the anniversary of our novel.

S.R. Does Vadim also work on television? No, fortunately, he has nothing to do with television. Vadim has a construction business.

S.R. Does he participate in the education of his daughter? While not in education, Dasha is still too young. Dad is very busy here. If he returns home at nine-ten in the evening, it's very early. Sometimes, I instruct Vadim on the last feeding of Dasha, and at this moment I wear myself in the kitchen and cook dinner for him. He is always ready to help me. The first weeks of Dasha's life are remembered as the heaviest. The child who had just appeared was to adapt, there was no regime, and we still did not understand if she had enough milk, whether it was convenient for her to sleep. And at first Dasha at night simply did not allow us to sleep, woke up two or three times. For me it was a torture, because I just wanted to sleep desperately. Despite the presence of a nurse, I constantly tried to take the initiative on myself, I was very fussy, I slept little, and was insanely nervous. And Vadim, looking at all this, sent me to sleep. He had to go to work in the morning, and he defended him for three hours at the cot. I talked with friends and I know that not all fathers are capable of such feats.

S.R. And when he was born he was present? At first I did not want to, but at the last moment, when the doctors asked if he would support me, he said: "Yes, of course." Vadim's presence helped me a lot. He was hugging my stomach, kissing the dome, and the pain immediately let go. There were no unpleasant sensations. Moreover, I felt how my child was going, felt labor pains, attempts, but there was no pain. I think that the doctors of the Perinatal Center on Sevastopol Avenue worked at the highest artistic level. And the birth itself lasted a maximum of fifteen to twenty minutes and passed very easily. Although this is my first birth and in general I'm not the youngest girl. I was convinced on my own experience that in our country there are places where everything is arranged not worse than in the West.

S.R. Have you completely trusted the doctors or listened to the recommendations of your friends? I tried not to listen to my girlfriends, I avoided Internet horror stories with stories about childbirth. Preserved a calm psychological state, so she gave birth easily. Although, of course, initially felt that giving birth, without a doubt, is the most important moment in my life.