Natalie: "i went to ask the second child for matronushka"

"The wind blew from the sea", "Oh my God, what a man!" - you also humming these hits, among which, among other things, 12 years of difference? Then this story of the performer of the songs and the heroine of the show "Toch-in-the-Tot" of singer Natalie about her work, family and sons - Arseniya 13 years old and Anatoly 4 years - for you!

HAPPY PARENTS Natalia, I think, having asked the first question, I will express the general opinion of everyone who sees your photo now: how do you manage to grow young over the years? What's the secret?

NATALIE I do not even know what it's all about! And from a loving husband. And from genetics - my parents look beautiful for their age. And from children, and from work of the beloved.

S.R. Probably, do sports?

N. My sport - baby fitness and household fitness. Plus stage performances, including dances. Well, in general, maintaining a form is, of course, a complex that includes nutrition. I, for example, eat only chicken meat, fish, light food. And I try to do smaller portions, but I eat more often. I used to do fitness, yoga, pilates, daily exercises ... But then I stopped doing it. Since I felt harmony, I realized that I can do what my body wants, and not what I should.

S.R. That is, you have found harmony? But as?

N. Everyone is looking for harmony, and everyone finds in his time. This is connected with experience, and with inner experiences, with the search for oneself, with the search for higher forces within oneself. But since I have a lot of intertwined because I did not have children for many years after the first failures, when I had both a miscarriage and a frozen pregnancy in a year at the same time, my children are the main search for my life. Spiritual, even, to some extent. When the children appeared, I found everything at once. But first I had to find myself, my spiritual world, my spiritual path. I very much asked for this, and I was sent both teachers and books.

S.R. And what is this road?

N. This is the doctrine of spiritual development. It helps not only to recover from the illness, but also to restore mental equilibrium and peace. And I learned about it from the book of Estonian clairvoyant and practicing midwife Luula Wiilma. Then I really needed such support and found her. Briefly, the essence of this spiritual and philosophical teaching is forgiveness, stress release. A person is like a river, it flows and through it everything flows, and if something negative in it lingers: fear, guilt, anger, it gives rise to illness. When I get sick, I immediately start analyzing: from what? what kind of thought, for the words in me stuck? And I find! And I'm starting to let go. I spend, I can say, internal hygiene. But this, of course, if in a nutshell to tell.

S.R. Natalia, and your current peak of popularity can be associated with this new finding of yourself?

N. Yes, everything turns out one to one. But popularity is not easy for spiritual life. This is some kind of verification, a kind of debauchery for the soul. Popularity is a huge number of people around you, it means being under constant sight and being shot sometimes. And maybe, and always ... On the other hand, now, having some esoteric knowledge, I have a different attitude to popularity. On the one hand, it's easier for me, because I know that only my image is needed to "shoot" my, but not me. After all, people, talking about the artist, talk about themselves. Like a small child, the secret of which you can find out by asking about your favorite toy. He will tell about her and about himself. As for my communication with the audience, I try to pass through me, through the prism of simple songs, light energy. And I'm glad when people get it. Not mine! This is an eternal energy that I just open in the heart of a person. Someone reveals it in another way, through high art. I'm like this.

S.R. You have a long marriage, with two different children. Apparently, and strong?

N. Yes, we have been together for 23 years. But you know, when you live in an atmosphere of mental comfort, you are engaged in one thing, and you do not count the year. I chose my husband myself, I fell in love with him at the age of 16, felt that I wanted to marry this person. And in any moments of life, she always chose only him. We did not bother each other - either because we grew up together, changed together, or because we knew each other young ... On the one hand, neither he nor I have ever usurped each other's freedom. On the other hand, I always know where I need to listen to my husband, and where - to defend myself. There are a lot of nuances here, and it's impossible to finally formulate the secret of our marriage.

S.R. The song "God, what a man" is dedicated to your husband?

N. Not only. I, when on the Internet I saw a line about my son and daughter from the future song, immediately thought of my sister, who already had a son, but who was dreaming about the girl. I thought to write a song for her, so she sang to her husband. I wrote for her, for myself, without even counting on other people. The topic is too personal ... And the song was unexpected to me, it became a real hit. I certainly did not expect such a success. But the most interesting thing in this story is that this year my sister was born a daughter! And this is after the sister was told that she will never have girls!

S.R. Your children have a big age difference. The younger one also planned?

N. Yes. But I doubted it all, but are I allowed to have many children? Is it not happiness for me to have at least one after 9 years of waiting? Especially with such a profession. After all, a singer with constant tours is difficult to give all her time and attention to the baby. (True, now we have organized tours so much that I have the opportunity to leave home at most two nights). Looking at large families, I dreamed of a second child. And then the elder began to ask, maybe also my thoughts somehow feeling: "I want a brother!" And asks us: "Tell me, what is needed for this?" I say, they say, a man and a woman are needed. "We have it! - answers Arseny. "Maybe I should go to the church, ask?" First I laughed at his question, and then I thought that he, Arseniy, I asked him in the temple. They brought the relics of St. Panteleimon, and I spent 6 hours with everyone ... So, the second one I went to ask for Matronushka (St. Matrona Moskovskaya .-- Author's note.). And our wonderful guy appeared, Anatoly. Boy, brother, as Arseny asked.

S.R. Tell me, how much experience does the first help in the upbringing of the second?

N. There are fewer fears. Already you know that many fears are exaggerated, so I was much more relieved about the illnesses of the younger than in the illnesses of the elder. In general, experience, and not only own, gives a lot. You will find out that other mothers have problems similar to yours, and immediately becomes calmer. Although, of course, every son is different, everyone grows in his own way.

S.R. What do you rely on when you bring up your sons?

N. Initially, you, probably, start to bring up the same way as they raised you. Especially if you like your childhood (and I really liked it). But errors with any system of education can not be avoided. With the eldest, for example, I often felt guilty. Now I understand that it is superfluous. I left on tour, pricked myself, came, wanted to compensate for something. Although Arseny did not give me much trouble, and he never asked for anything. But with the advent of the younger, I finally understood that the manifestation of rigor should not cause the parents to feel guilty, that the child needs both her and the caress equally. And with the eldest I was not at all strict mum, I tried to behave with him as with an equal, as with an adult. But now, after Tolya's birth, I know very well: there must be a firm word "no" in education. Must parents have an obligatory set of principles to exist. Why is rigor so important? And she dictates safety to the child. This is the framework that you simply push apart as you grow up. But they must be. And with Arseny I was embarrassed to put them. And with the younger at first it was the same, until one incident occurred, after which I revised my views. I also treated Anatoly as an adult, especially since he often said: "I am myself!". And one day, at three, he walked along the road, his hands in his pockets. I would tell him that you can not walk like this, it's dangerous. But did not say, gave him extra will. And the son, clinging unclearly for what, directly facing the asphalt and fell. And he lost his tooth. The whole day I went and thought: what is this lesson for me? Then I realized: I did not save it, because I did not insist, did not show the necessary severity. And with the example of the younger one, the same thing was applied to the older one. Moreover, we have a difficult age. You know, and with it helps! I give Arseny a clear, strict framework - it only makes it easier for him. At the same time, do not be shy and show caress. Sometimes, to make up, you do not need any words, you just need to embrace. And everything becomes clear, everything is understood, everything is forgiven.

S.R. Tell us a little about your sons ...

N. Arseny studies at school, he is engaged in football, volleyball, and basketball. He went to the choir and ballroom dances. In general, everything is little by little, an active guy. But vulnerable, in me, probably. Because of the ratings can even get sick. I teach it easier to relate to everything. As an older brother, he is probably wonderful, because he allows a very young man. That he broke everything that is possible. Gradually, as he grew, Anatoly got to all forbidden places, to all lockers, substituting chairs, climbing up on the shelves. But this he unwittingly accustoms the elder to order. Try Arseny what is not so put, the younger one will immediately grab and carry away home. Tolya guy more self-willed, and can shove the elder. He allows, and I teach not to allow. "Look," I say to Arseny, "Tolya is small now, and then it will be more painful." Anatoly is more cunning, more courageous and more touchy. Maybe in his four years, say: "Enough me to teach life!" Or "Mom, I look, you raise your voice." "Yes," I answer, "I have to raise my voice for those ..." And he adds: "... for those who quickly indulge." Or he sees me on TV: "How well you look!"

S.R. And do not you think about your daughter?

N. Will there be a third child? I do not know. But the impression I have is that it is still possible!

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