Named the top 5 exercises for the buttocks

Well, what kind of girl does not dream of having the same ass, about which they say "drove up" ?! Of course, everyone. In fact, everything is achievable, and even genetic defects of the figure can be "broken". And in order for the buttocks to grow, they were elastic, beautiful, round, convex, there are many good exercises. Having interviewed many well-known fitness trainers, we picked up 5 exercises, which most of them consider to be the most effective.

Named the top 5 exercises for the buttocks

1. Squats

Out of competition, unequivocally and undeniably! Of all the interviewed trainers, 100% called the squats the most effective. To replace them with some other exercise is impossible, but there are many variations of squats. But, one way or another, they train absolutely all the muscles of the buttocks (and there are three of them, each of which, beginning with the smallest, raises the one following it - the middle one, and the one in turn, the larger one), and also the biceps and the quadriceps of the thigh back and front).

If the legs are set at the shoulder level, the socks look forward, and the knees "go" behind the toes (also forward), then the main focus here is on the glutes. And if you spread your legs wider, put your socks aside and place your knees in the squat, the inner part of the thigh also trains. The secret of squats is that they can burn fat (if you exercise without weight and in large numbers), and pump up the muscle (if you take the weight - dumbbells or a bar, and do less repetition).

2. Disorders

This is also a basic exercise that trainers prefer to include in any training program for girls. The falls can also be different - active when the legs break away from the floor, passive - when the heel of the hind leg is lifted, cross - for training the lateral muscles of the buttock, Bulgarian - when the hindleg is on the dais, and so on, and so on. This exercise is very energy-intensive, since it involves the largest muscles - and buttocks, and legs. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, be sure to include attacks in your training.

3. Tie rods

A very simple exercise that spends a minimum of energy: even if you take a lot of weight, you will hardly sweat much. But the function of his other - to pump the glutes to the maximum, so that they began to "burn"! Thrust can also be different, but the most effective is deadlift, as well as free traction on both legs or each in turn. This exercise is never carried out without weight, even beginners take at least a dumbbell, and even advanced visitors to gyms use a barbell. The most important thing here is to pull the weight exactly with the buttock and the back of the thigh, and not with your back, but for this you need to take the ass back and cave in the lower back, without rounding your back.

4. "Bridge"

At its core, this is the lifting of the pelvis from a position lying on the back and with bent legs. Raising the buttocks to the maximum, your body should form a beveled down to the head of the bridge. The hands can be kept along the body on the floor or behind the head (the latter option is more difficult), the feet should completely stand on the floor, the legs are bent at the 90 degree angle in the position when the pelvis is raised. Variations of the bridge will be movements with ascent to the socks - so the load will be on the muscles of the legs (in particular, the calves), or straightening one leg and focusing only on the other. The most "juice": be sure to make a delay at the top, pulling up and tightening the buttocks as much as possible, and then slowly go down on the mat, not "throwing" yourself down.

5. The mahi on all fours

You noticed that all exercises can be done at home, and not just in the gym. So, mahi back on all fours, coaches usually "ask the house" their wards. This exercise is also quite simple, but it has its own nuances. Stand on all fours, legs bent at right angles. Now at the same angle, raise your leg up. Do 10-12 repetitions and feel how the Priest muscles "burn". And now do not stop and do at least 5 more repetitions: it is in the burning condition that the muscle works to the maximum. Variations can be swings with a straight leg, swings a bent leg away or the position of the hands on elbows or straight.