Mom is near

This is the name of the project, which has been telling the Samara families for more than two years how to use free time for both children and adults. November 25 and 26, he arranges in the Samara IPC them. P. Alabin citywide family holiday.

Guests are welcome to a rich two-day show program. On the site of 2000 square meters, everything will be arranged so that every visitor, regardless of age, finds something interesting and useful for himself.

Teaching, entertaining

In a specially isolated baby-zone, the youngest guests will be entertained by experienced animators. Funny games, children's plays, favorite cartoon characters - every youngster will find entertainment for his soul.

And what about the adults? For future mothers and young parents will work lecture. The best Samara doctors, educators and psychologists will answer numerous questions and will prompt how to cope with the inevitable difficulties of family life.

Exhibitions for every taste

Traditionally, an exhibition of goods and services, in demand by parents and children, will be organized at the festival. It will feature pharmaceutical companies, children's developing and training centers, baby food manufacturers, medical centers, etc.

The project supports active mothers of Samara, for whom the decree becomes an opportunity to discover new talents. A vivid proof of this is the large exhibition-sale of hand-made goods - from stylish clothes to the incredible beauty of accessories and developing games and toys.

Samara Farm

Изюминка нынешнего праздника – поддержка не просто отечественного, а родного, самарского производителя. Свою продукцию гостям представит Samara Farm. Все экспонаты сделаны руками самарских гурманов, и на них можно не только посмотреть, но и купить их, и попробовать. В будущем Samara Farm намерена устраивать самостоятельные выставки-продажи и презентации, которые смогут порадовать самых искушенных гурманов.

Smile, I'm shooting!

The festival will also organize thematic photo zones. Experienced photographers with pleasure will imprint a united family. The holiday will be remembered by adults and children, and every guest, regardless of age, will find on him exactly what interests him.

Tickets are sold at the entrance. The ticket price for adults is 200 rubles, entrance for children under 7 years old is free.