Leaders of children's goods

All-Russian study of parental preferences revealed new trends in the market of goods for children and pregnant mothers.

The research company of the children's goods market "Marking Parents" conducted the third national survey of 2,268 respondents in all regions of Russia. The survey involved 3.3% of expectant mothers, 59.3% having one child, 30.4% having two children and 7% having many children.

The Parent Mark Project was established in 2014 and quickly became the leading research project of the children's goods and services market.

The purpose of the survey

Respondents identified the most popular brands in Russia for thirty-five categories of children's products. At the presentation of the results of the research, which took place within the framework of the WanExpo exhibition, the brands that received the most votes of the respondents were awarded with the "Parent Mark".

Trends in the market of children's goods

As stated by the project director Larisa Tikhonova, the following trends can be noted in the market of children's goods today:

    • active penetration into the Russian market of new types of goods, long-spread in Europe and the US - for example, reusable diapers, reusable diapers for swimming. Reusable nappies of everyday use are occupied mostly by Russian brands.
  • We begin to observe the trend of the emergence and successful development of Russian brands. Increasing the popularity of Russian manufacturers as cosmetics for children and toddlers, as well as children's furniture (brands of the first echelon in furniture like Mozhga, the Red Star).
  • Slings, pillows for pregnant women and pillows for nursing do not get much interest from Russian mothers. Statistics show that more than 50% do not use them at all.

Winners in nominations

From October 20 to November 10, the jury marked favorite brands in 35 nominations. The winners received gold, silver, or bronze diplomas, as well as diplomas of finalists of the contest.

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