In the zoo has opened a children's club zoklub

The Moscow Zoo opened the Children's Zooclub in the New Territory: all wishing children will be told how to communicate with animals.

For 150 years, the Moscow Zoo has come a long way from a small zoological garden to a large scientific, cultural, educational and environmental institution. Now there are two permanent mugs for those who are seriously interested in biology and zoology. Children's Zoclub will teach the youngest visitors to the zoo to communicate with animals.

On Saturdays they will talk about the characteristics of pets, about the characters, habits, how to take care of properly, what to feed. Those who successfully passed the course will receive a certificate for the right to have an animal at home. Famous people will come to the Zoclub: actors, scientists and writers and tell about animals. Young visitors will be introduced to wild animals on weekdays. Those animals that do not eat children will even be brought to the Zoclub.

Two-hour sessions of the club will be divided into 30 minutes: educational classes and practical classes. Children's Zoclub - will work daily, except Mondays