In the moscow circus for the first time the giraffe and the

None of the circus numbers of large animals was not yet represented in the Russian capital

In the new season in the Circus of Big Beasts in Sokolniki Park starts a new unique program. The best circus artists from all over the world come to the Russian capital, as well as the most unusual animals.

The general producer of the circus of big beasts, Alexander Popov, said that for almost a year they had been negotiating with the best circus performers in the world, and now a truly stellar composition has been assembled. "Almost all speakers are laureates of the most prestigious world competitions and prizes. In no Moscow circus is present such a number of animals, and some animals - a rarity not only for Moscow, but for the whole world. I am sure that even spoiled Moscow public will appreciate all the "heroes" of our program, none of these numbers in Moscow has ever been presented, "says Alexander Popov.

What kind of animals will Moscow viewers see? The world's largest circus elephants from India, Jenna and Magda (each elephant weighs more than 5.5 tons), Persian camels, Arabian horses, tigers and lions, rhinoceros, monkeys and others. But the main hits of the program promise to be performances of the only goat in the world, a rope-walker and an African giraffe.

The African giraffe Bagheer is five and a half meters tall. He was born in Algeria, but right after his birth he was taken to Germany, and most of the teams he understands in German. Giraffes rarely appear in the circus around the world, but in Russia it is the only program, which includes a trained giraffe. Bagheera is 8 years old and his favorite delicacy is vanilla crumbs and garlic. Despite its innocuous appearance, giraffes are very dangerous animals and are difficult to train.

In the new season of all spectators waiting for the reconstructed pavilion in Sokolniki. It will become more comfortable, the space of the lobby will increase.

The new program will start from October 24 and will last until the end of the New Year holidays on January 10. The cost of tickets from 600 to 3000 rubles.