In st. petersburg will be held "race in the sliders"

Parents and toddlers from 6 to 9 months are waiting for March 27 at the exhibition "The Planet of Childhood 2015"

In St. Petersburg, once again, there will be a merry event - "Race in the sliders." It will be held on March 27, 2015 as part of the annual exhibition "The Planet of Childhood 2015".

This competition has already become popular. What is its essence? Tiny participants - only kids of 6-9 months are allowed to race - they will compete in the speed of crawling. The race takes place on special 5-meter tracks. It is possible to help the kid: within 2 minutes the parent can prompt the child with the correct direction of movement, but it is impossible to touch with the hands of a small participant. The rules of the competition also allow you to use everything to attract the attention of the participant: toys, rattles, cheers and even a personal example. The winner will be the kid, who came to the finish line first and showed the best result.

In addition to the fastest participants, the "Most Active Family" will also be awarded. This is a separate nomination from the magazine "Happy Parents" and the site PARENTS.RU. There will be other gifts. Participants of the race will also receive prizes from the French brand of cosmetics for moms and toddlers Mustela, Japanese diapers Goo.N, the largest online bookstore Labyrinth and

To participate in the "Run in the sliders", you need to pre-register by e-mail: [email protected] Or through the official site of the event Guaranteed participation of the first 60 registered participants. You must have a birth certificate!

The race will begin at 12:00 in the 7th pavilion of the Lenexpo exhibition complex.

Organizers warn that all participants and attendants, by participating and registering for participation in this event, thereby agree to a photo and video. All photo and video materials will be used in the media without additional coordination at the discretion of the organizers.