In moscow there is a bank of donor breast milk

Doctors effectively help premature babies

Any mother knows how important breastmilk is for a newborn's health. In the USSR, for those mothers whose lactation has not yet begun or is absent, dairy kitchens have worked. Now the bank of donor breast milk has replaced dairy cuisines. But while he is in Russia only one.

The donor breast milk bank was opened a year ago with the support of the Philips Avent brand on the basis of the department for premature children of the Scientific Center for Children's Health in Moscow. It is designed for infants undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in the centers of the center. Already have the first figures. During the year 76 breast-feeding mothers became donors of the project, in total more than 148 liters of donor breast milk were collected. A full meal since the first days of life received 55 babies.

Who becomes the donor of breast milk? Nursing mothers who are on hospitalization with the child in the hospital center. Of course, they undergo rigorous screening and take all the necessary tests. Norms for moms do not, they voluntarily give up as much milk as remains after feeding their child. But before the milk reaches the needy baby, it is subjected to bacteriological testing, pasteurization and microbiological testing.

On average, the bank collects up to 15 liters of breast milk per month. This structure allows doctors to effectively help infants - premature or small. After all, breast milk significantly reduces the development of infectious and inflammatory diseases, ensures a favorable physical and neuro-psychological development of the child, helps the children gain weight and accelerates recovery after surgery.