In moscow, a summer camp for the youngest

Family CityCity Center and Family Theater House Fannie Bell presents unique summer creative programs for children from 1.5 to 14 years old.

For the first time in Moscow, in the city center, in the territory of a cozy and green park, your children will be able to spend the summer holidays with benefit and pleasure! Summer creative camps will work for you every day from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 20:00. Saturated with interesting activities, walks and games, the programs are prepared for three age groups: 1.5 - 3 years, 4-6 years, 7-14 years

Group "Expedition of the Carapace" 1,5-3 years

The children will have a diverse exciting program for the whole day, 4 meals a day, afternoon rest, walks in the garden 2 times a day. Every day the kids are carefully painted with cognitive and fun activities. The center will be divided into a garden, for which children will be looking after, an active zone with games and sports programs is equipped on the street. The camp's development program is designed according to age characteristics, classes will include music, creativity, gymnastics, ballet and English daily.

Creative Geography Group 4-6 years

In June, there are two intense two-week creative trips to Africa and Europe. In July and August, travel will be half shorter. Guys will walk in the garden 2 times a day, get 4 meals a day, and also relax during a day's sleep. Every day, the little one will be full of cognitive and active pursuits with adventures and games. Each final in the creative study of the continent Friday will be a merry holiday, at which children will show what they have learned. It will be a real bright show with dances, songs and skits from the customs of the peoples of the world!

The group "Theater and film laboratories" 7-14 years old

Exciting lessons for young wizards! Every week is a new masterpiece created by children! (June - two two-week cycles). Summer 2014 we want to devote to theater and cinema. Creative intensities will alternate. Theater Academy: this is the atmosphere of a real theater, all the main roles, the production of numbers on their own, involving in the theatrical atmosphere from the inside, creating images, serious and funny rehearsals under the strict guidance of experienced teachers. And also acting for associations, fun improvisations and exercises for the expression of emotions. Our cinema: this is a breathtaking setting for the filming of a real film with the participation of your children. According to an interesting film script written, the director-teacher deals with actors acting skills, distributes roles, rehearses scenes from the future film. With the help of the operator and the director, the guys will organize a real shooting process.

The cost of summer camp programs: Groups 1,5 - 3 years: -1-week course - 15,000 rubles -2-week course - 25,000 rubles Groups 4 - 6 years: -1-week course - 15,000 rubles -2-week course - 25,000 rubles Groups 7 - 14 years: -1-week course "Theater Academy" - 7500 rubles -2-week course "Theater Academy" - 15000 rubles -2-week course "We shoot movies" - 20000 rubles For more information call: 8 (495) 638 09 88