How to turn ordinary walking into a sport?

We already talked about the benefits of walking. This cardio-loading is absolutely suitable for everyone, even for those who have joint problems or too much excess weight. But how is it possible to turn ordinary everyday walking into a sport that will be really effective in reducing weight, creating beautiful body shapes, training strength and endurance? Understand more.

How to turn ordinary walking into a sport?

Why is it important to walk as much as possible?

For the first time, about the necessary number of steps a day started talking not so long ago - approximately in 2009-2010. Then an interesting study was conducted in the USA, which proved that Americans go many times less than people in Europe, Australia or Japan. Hence the frequent cases of obesity and the presence of excess weight, problems with the heart and blood vessels that persecute the Americans. It was then that the average number of steps that should be taken per day was deduced. Do not run, do not go to training, but just walk.

Walking is such a natural load that we do not even think about it. With all this, it does not create a rigid compression load on the joints and spine, like running, jumping rope, cycling, dancing or aerobics. Therefore, walking is indicated to the elderly and those who have a lot of excess weight, as well as people who are rehabilitated after injuries, and those who have problems with blood vessels or other serious chronic or acute diseases.

When walking, the respiratory system is actively trained, as well as the heart muscle. The blood begins to circulate faster in the body, the vessels expand, become more elastic and firm. Each cell of the body (and, importantly, our brain) is saturated with oxygen, necessary for their normal functioning. Lowering blood pressure, sugar level and cholesterol level in the blood. Regular walking can bring the body to shape, make you healthier and cheer up. We picked up several lifhaks, which will help make walking really sporty.

Use special apps or gadgets

The simplest option is the heart rate monitor. With it, you can track how much your heart rate changes as you perform a "walk" session. But it is even better to buy a special fitness bracelet that will track the number of kilometers traveled, the speed, the number of steps, and how many calories you burned. You can also install the app counting the steps to your phone so you do not purchase a separate gadget.

Turn on music

Do not concentrate on the steps, do not look at the screen of the smartphone, waiting to see the cherished figure of calories burned. Better turn on your favorite music, and enjoy your activity. Well, if the music is rhythmic, it encourages you to go even faster, raise, and not slow down. Write down a whole playlist of running music, including your favorite songs, perhaps in more active remixes.

Put on the sports form

To make you feel like a jog or a full training, you can get a sports form. And good running shoes for running with cushioning feet can not only be purchased, but also very necessary. Light and comfortable shoes will not only give comfort when walking, but also protect your feet from injuries. If your walks are too long, without such shoes and comfortable clothes (tracksuit, leggings for running, pants and a jacket) is indispensable.

Walk after eating

These walks are not necessary to turn into a sport. Do not go too fast or too fast. It is advisable simply not to lie down on the sofa in front of the TV immediately after dinner, and go out for a stroll around the house. Even a 15-20 minute walk at a calm pace will be enough to improve digestion, give you a sense of satiety, speed up the processing of calories.

Walk every time, as soon as possible

If you have a dog, try to walk it more often and for longer, do not stand in one place, but go and play with it. If you need to go to the store, do not be lazy, and go - this is an additional 10-20 minutes of steps in your "piggy bank." Try to walk to and from work, if it is convenient. Increase and complicate everyday routes, adding miles and discovering new places.