How to properly store documents

References, certificates and other types of documents accompany a person throughout his life, and the first of them appear with us almost immediately after birth. To avoid confusion with a huge number of papers, observe 7 simple rules for their storage. Get a special place

Documents should be stored in a specially designated place for them: a box, a folder, a box. And in the most difficult for the small family members. But the rest of the household this place needs to know "in person". Avoid the neighborhood of the box with excessive moisture, limit the impact of bright light on checks and documents and regularly clean the folders of dust - this will help to keep the documents longer in good condition.

Divide the documents into categories

In order not to rummage in a stack of sheets, losing time and nerve cells, break down the documents into categories, for example:

  • main (passports, TIN, SNILS, birth and marriage certificates, etc.)
  • health (medical cards, policies, certificates, extracts),
  • car (service books, checks from car repair shops, insurance),
  • education (diplomas, certificates, certificates),
  • Real estate (documents for an apartment, payments, certificates BTI),
  • work (work book, contracts with employers, summary),
  • home appliances (instructions, checks, warranty cards).

Of course, the most important category will be the documents of the first necessity - passports, passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates and others.

Advice from Just in case, make copies of all the main documents for each member of the family and store them in a separate folder.

Folders and storage boxes choose strong, comfortable and tightly closed. A little trick: in addition to other categories, also get a "temporary" paper tray, where you can put the documents you used literally yesterday, and there was not time to put them back into place.

Just do not be lazy to regularly disassemble the papers from there on the right folders. Sort by Accessories

Boxes (folders) for documents from each category can be sorted by their accessories. To do this, assign a color to each member of the family and mark the appropriate selection with a sticker, a marker, a sheet of colored paper, etc. So home people who orient themselves in the apartment are slightly worse than you (that is all), they will less be confused and less likely to find reasons to bother you with cries like : "Where is my certificate of the end of the first level of the Portuguese language courses for 1998 ?!"

Store originals separately from copies

And it's not just that you will find both one and the other faster, but also in safety. Few people in the apartment have a fireproof safe for storing especially important securities, the more valuable it is for us in an emergency to instantly grab a single folder containing all the original documents you need for your family and take it with you to a bright future.

Do not mix important documents with unnecessary papers

Find a tiny card SNILS among a ton of such memorable waste paper as an approved menu for your wedding, an unused recipe for dairy cuisine two years ago, a print out of spending on a credit card for 2005 and an incredibly funny correspondence of student times on 30 pages is not an easy task. You can simplify it by dividing the really important documents and paper junk into different folders, which the hand does not lift.

Use colored stickers

The most important papers can be marked with colored stickers with an additional explanation. Multicolored papers are also suitable as separators between categories or folders of family members.

And on them you can leave nice messages for loved ones, however, this to the rules of document storage has a very mediocre attitude. Close the key

Of course, nothing particularly terrible will happen if your passport suddenly has a black mustache drawn with a black marker, and figures on the insurance policy will be covered with plasticine. But there is little that is pleasant in the process of restoring documents, you must agree. Yes, and the young artist scolding, most likely, will not make you happy. So we recommend to lock the casket containing the most important category of documents. In case of emergency, a bolt on the cabinet door or a special stopper on the box will do. And try to give the child to the art studio, who knows, maybe he really has talent!

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