"happy parents" in july (2018)

We present the announcement of the July issue of the magazine "Happy Parents".

In the rubric "Star Parents":

  • twins for Hollywood celebrities.

Under the heading "Very Small":

  • why does the baby cry?
  • Let's talk about expressed breast milk.

In the rubric "Dietetics":

  • than to water the smallest?
  • menu in hot weather.

In the heading "Pregnancy":

  • travel during pregnancy.

In the heading "Birth":

  • actress Maria Boltneva and her triplets.

In the heading "Health and Safety":

  • intestinal infections in children;
  • first aid for insect bites.

In the heading "Mom's Health":

  • how to lose weight after childbirth.

In the rubric "Psychology":

  • husband - "narcissus": the subtleties of divorce;
  • teach children to live without gadgets.

In the rubric "How they grow":

  • difficulties at the table - how to feed the baby?
  • 5 tricks so that the child obeys you.

In the heading "Development":

  • the stage of crawling - why is it so important?
  • games in the sandbox.

In the rubric "Beautiful mother":

  • vegetable components in cosmetics.

In each issue: Infobaby - news: society, entertainment, books, CD, health; advice of specialists: pediatrician, gynecologist, psychologist, cardiologist; parental practice - the original ideas of the popes and mothers; Photo Contest "Kids of the Month" and other interesting contests; fashion and beauty news.

Back to the past Ekaterina Kerova, publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine "Happy Parents": I must admit honestly, the world of high technologies has already begun to control us. A few years ago to meet a one-year-old child with a tablet in the corridor of the polyclinic was strange. Today, this is not uncommon. As well as a noisy scandal, when it comes time to go to the office to the doctor, and with a tablet or a smartphone somehow uncomfortable. Just go and explain it to the child. Even the seven-year-old, what about babies to talk about. Now, if you look closely, the average child can not spend a day without a treasured screen. Even if it seems to us that he is at all, well, very little is sitting in the phone. Want to check it out? Select for a day. If he does not ask for a phone in twenty-four hours - hurray, while everything is fine. And if not - the scale of the problem is directly proportional to the number of times that he asked the gadget to return. Why do not we give way to progress and it's worth sticking to old good activities - reading books, watching performances with live actors, drawing, modeling, designing from paper, explained in detail on p. 74. And we should remember that every minute spent by a child with an electronic friend deprives him of communication primarily with his mother. Of course, sometimes it helps a lot. But are we too often going to this trick? In the end, we were raised without a gadget, busy with the household and suffering from a mother's headache. So we have every reason not to succumb to high tech tricks.