From the "cocoon" to the butterfly, or all the subtleties of

Paraffin wraps and applications are considered to be one of the most effective cosmetic procedures. Handbaths some can do and independently at home, but the sessions to combat cellulite and to improve the condition of the skin on the face is better to hold in the salon. Why and what are the pros, the features of paraffin therapy, we will tell further.

About all the subtleties of paraffinotherapy

What is used

If you do not know, you will be surprised: the derivative of oil. It is a mass that is safe even at high temperatures for the epidermis. Between the frozen film and the skin there is an air layer. And paraffin is used highly purified, without unnecessary chemical impurities. Benefits add a variety of oils, plant extracts and vitamins.

Which process is similar

Due to the low thermal conductivity of the paraffin, it slowly cools down, it turns out something like the effect of a sauna. Fabrics deep and uniformly warm up, speeding up the metabolic processes in the cells, smoothing the relief, and also stimulating the destruction of lipids. If we talk about problem areas, then one of their main troubles is the accumulation of excess fluid.

The impact of hot "oil" just allows the excess to escape to the surface, while taking the products of fat decay. Since there is a film, the water does not go anywhere, but is absorbed back inside, maintaining the optimal moisturizing of the skin. But the toxins remain behind the "board".

How does the anti-cellulite effect manifest?

In a bath with a sweat, life-giving moisture usually disappears, dryness appears. And with paraffinotherapy, there is no such negative effect. The liquid returns and fills the hummocky areas, as a result they are tightened and smoothed. The procedure differs and lymphodrainage action: gradual cooling leads to compression. To further enhance the effect, cosmetic salon employees use first cleansing lotions, then anti-cellulite creams and massage techniques.

Paraffin gloves

Find for owners of chubby palms. With the help of a thirty-minute session, you can reduce the volume by 0.5-1 centimeter. At the same time, cracks, dryness and redness are removed. You just need to perform all the necessary actions: cleanse with lotion, apply a cream suitable for a specific task, activate blood circulation with a light-weight massage.

Next, the handles to the wrist for a couple of seconds fall into the paraffin bath and get. Weight with hands does not drain? Dive again. In total, this is done up to eight times. So your palms are in a thick paraffin layer, on top of which plastic bags and terry mittens are put on. It remains to wait 25 minutes and remove.

Mask for the face

From the excess chin and wrong oval, the layer of "oil derivative" applied to the skin will be saved. It is superimposed with a gauze napkin, and then layers of hot paraffin are added again. In total it is possible from three to five. The duration of exposure should not exceed twenty minutes. The mask is removed from the neck to the forehead. Beneficial processes will end as soon as the skin cools down, before that you will still feel curative effects.

Advantages of paraffin therapy

They mentioned the excitement, now we will sum up. The main advantages are six:

  1. improved circulation of lymph / blood;
  2. deep heating of the joints / muscles, elimination of pain in them;
  3. more rapid work of the kidneys and elimination of unnecessary fluid from the body;
  4. moisturizing, tightening the skin in problem areas;
  5. "Melting" fatty deposits in the subcutaneous tissue and, as a consequence, improving the figure;
  6. release from toxins.

So is it possible to independently conduct paraffin therapy sessions?

Yes, but only applications, not wraps. In addition, you must comply with a number of conditions. First, buy in the pharmacy more than a kilo of purified cosmetic paraffin. Secondly, should be at hand a scrub and the right cream. Third, to melt the mass you need a pan made of enamel with high edges or a microwave with the defrosting mode turned on.

The temperature is checked by applying a drop on the outside of the wrist. If it does not burn, use it safely. To apply "oil" to the hips, as well as the face, abdomen, a brush is provided. But the feet with brushes are completely lowered into the baths, only fingers spread out beforehand.

The applications are fixed with a food film, covered with a terry towel. After the allotted time, the mixture is discarded with polyethylene.

Who needs to choose a different method

Anyone who has contraindications to paraffin therapy. Among them are problems with blood coagulability, blood vessels, heart, varicose veins, the presence of a variety of skin wounds. Also, the procedure is prohibited for neoplasms, allergies, acne, excessive growth on the body of hair, infections, hypertension and diabetes.