Fitness with the dog: how to train?

Do you go to practice and your pet misses home? And you are bored without a practicing partner? There is a way out: take the dog to the training! And we'll show you how and what you can do with a four-legged friend.

How to spend fitness together with a dog?


Running is the simplest and most accessible kind of activity. They can be engaged anywhere, there would be a desire. And for a run on the street, it's definitely worth taking a dog with you. Just do not start running right away from the entrance. Walk with the pet at the usual places for him, let him manage the need and sniff all the corners. And then you can go to the sport part of the walk. No special equipment is required - just the right route. It is advisable to choose dirt roads or stadiums, and not asphalt, on which the pet can "burn" his paw pads.

The owner should be dressed in comfortable sports clothes, and the dog will have enough collar and leash if you are afraid that she will not stay close. By the way, if you are training in a vast open area, for example, in a park or in the countryside, you should buy a GPS tracker for your dog - it will help you to track where your pet is if it disappears from sight. Do not forget to bring water for yourself and for the dog. By the way, on sale there are special drinking bowls for dogs in the form of a bottle and a retractable capacity, where the pet will conveniently lap the liquid.

Such training will suit hardy young dogs, especially hunting and shepherd breeds. Sacrificial dogs, as well as short-nosed pets, are not the best partners for long runs. If your four-legged friend has not reached the one-year period or is already at an age, do not make long runs to avoid heart problems.


This is already a special "dog" fitness, where the owner leads his pet through the obstacle course. Activity here is available to both, but still a great load will be for the dog. In addition, this is the way to achieve the ideal training and improve the discipline of the pet. Immediately run through the entire strip will not succeed, you need to carefully study together with your four-legged friend each individual object. The owner does not have to go through the rings and pipes with the dog, but you have to have a treat in your hand - so that the pet has an incentive to go through the obstacle.

Of course, agility requires a specially equipped area - there are such places of the amateur format in many cities. But even if not, you can arrange a platform for agility from an old sports ground somewhere in the backyard of sleeping areas. Some obstacles can be built on their own - pipes, wheels, benches and other barriers to help you. And then everything is simple: lead the dog forward to the finish. The activity of such trainings and for the host will be an excellent cardio.

Agility идеально подойдет тем собакам, которые хорошо поддаются дрессировке, хотя попробовать можно абсолютно с любой. Помимо этого, пес должен быть достаточно выносливым. Совсем маленькие породы вряд ли смогут преодолеть большие препятствия — учитывайте это. К тому же, если в вашем городе есть оборудованная площадка для аджилити, вы точно познакомитесь там с вашими единомышленниками.

Northern Riding

This kind of activity will suit, of course, for the winter, when around - the abundance of snow. Everything is very simple: take a pet, put on a harness and harness it into a sleigh. And let's go! In fact, such a training may be associated with some difficulties. First, the dog must be strong and hardy. Secondly, it is necessary to accustom the dog to the cramp (sled) dog slowly. If she first experiences a heavy load, she can simply abandon further attempts to sling the sleigh. For starters, you can not use a sledge with a person's weight at all, and tie back from behind, for example, a tire - not too much weight.

What is the activity for the host? A pet does not always carry a sleigh, so you yourself too have to move them. In addition, the sleigh can be safely replaced with skis. Put the leash on yourself, wrap around your waist, and tie the other end to the dog. And it will be easier, because you yourself can push off with skis, and you - excellent cardio. Such training will suit ideally, of course, for riding northern dogs - husky, husky, malamute, samoyed and others. But disciplined shepherds or watchdogs can quite participate in ski races with their host.