Fantastic properties of black tea: the secret of slender

In a modern daily set of drinks, a person almost always has one type of tea, from green to black. There are many sorts of tea, but the usual black Russians are no more than 3-5 varieties of large leaf and medium leaf tea, usually Indian. Understand the types of tea is not easy, but the main criterion is known: fermented black tea should not be brewed before 2-3 minutes, as otherwise immediately gives out the presence of chemical dyes. Take for a good habit to buy weight tea, in a checked place.

Fantastic properties of black tea: the secret of slender mountaineers

Like green tea, black tea has one remarkable property: it contains polyphenols, antioxidants. Scientists from the University of California managed to obtain evidence of the effectiveness of black tea in the fight against obesity. Protecting the cells of the body from oxidative processes, substances from the composition of black tea contribute to the stability and coordination of the work of certain body structures directly related to the problems of excess weight. Earlier such studies have revealed the presence of such properties only in green varieties.

Scientists conducted an experiment on laboratory mice, deciding to compare the effect of black and green tea in terms of the effect of substances on metabolic processes. Mice with obesity were specifically selected for the experiment, they were divided into 4 groups, and determined for each group their own type of diet. One group of mice was fed a meal with a high content of fats and carbohydrates, the second group received food with low fat and high carbohydrate content. The other two groups, respectively - fat and sweet food, but with the addition of one green tea extract to the diet, the other one - black extract (without caffeine).

At the end of the experiment, which lasted 28 days, the scientists examined the control group, and came to encouraging conclusions. Thus, it turned out that a group of mice fed with fat-depleted food almost as little gained weight as a group of mice given an extract of black tea. In a wide range of studies, scientists also examined the tissues of some internal organs of mice that received portions of tea. And here they were waited with an interesting discovery: the intestinal microflora of the control group of laboratory animals came to order, and the number of bacteria that stimulated weight loss became more than others. But in mice from the group that was given black tea, a bacterium Pseudobutyrivibrio was detected - this group of bacteria is considered to be a generator of fatty acid bonds from short chains. It is this group of bacteria that positively affects the stabilization of weight.

Does it say that the usual drink of the mountaineers of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia, separately brewed black tea - is the best weight stabilizer? It is too early to make unambiguous conclusions, but the conclusions of scientists that inspire optimism allow one to expect the emergence of a real breakthrough method of losing weight, the main instrument of which will be relatively affordable black tea.