Fairy-tale photo-walk

In May of this year the seasonal project "Fairy-tale photo-trip" started with the photo editor of the magazine "Happy Parents" Elena Zhun. We present you the results!

In early May, a contest took place in the group Instagram @parents_rus and @elena_zhun for the happiest family according to the magazine "Happy Parents". The contest was supported by @lavka_radostei - the workshop of fabulous tulle skirts for mothers and girls, as well as family look accessories, @kartonarium - a shop for children's rocking chairs: horses, lambs and elephants made from environmental materials, as well as the decorator @valentinaromantika.

Among the photos sent, there were a lot of bright and happy families, but two participants won: @evgeniasololove and @ selezneva101.

We present a fairy photo walk through the apple orchard and reviews of its participants!

"For several months now I am the reader of the magazine" Happy Parents ". I really love to take pictures of my daughter, you do not even imagine how much !? With love to photos, a love for photo contests was born. Recently I took part in a contest organized by the editorial board of the magazine and it became interesting to me to show which mothers can be beautiful in skirts that I sew. So the idea to become a sponsor of the contest was born. When we were directly on the set and I saw the eyes of moms who fluttered like fairies in these airy skirts, I realized that everything was not in vain.

The whole project is a huge work of the photographer and decorator. I, too, was lucky enough to touch all this beauty and I had unforgettable shots about this day and our joint project with talented people "(Julia, Ulyana's mother @lavka_radostei).

"Quite recently we won in the contest # the most happy parents, conducted by the magazine" Happy Parents "and Elena. We were very pleased that among so many wonderful family photos we were chosen. Unfortunately, by the day of the photo session our dad left and we were three (Zhenya and her crumbs Sophia and Darina). ... It was just the only sad part of the day. Because when we were in the shooting, we visited a fairy tale. I've been in this park a million times, but I've never seen such wonderful gardens. And what kind of photon created a designer!

My little crumbs like to pose in front of the camera. It's from them since the moment I saw the first photo on ultrasound! Now I see how they turn into small models - and I like it! This is one of our hobbies. Thank you once again to the organizers for delivering so many positive emotions to us "(Eugenia, Sophia's mom and Darina's @evgeniasololove).

"Revising these gentle photos, I want to express my gratitude to the sponsors of the contest! Thanks to you in our family photo album there were these wonderful photos! I have long dreamed of family photos in the blooming garden and my joy was not the limit when we won # the most happy families. Arriving on the agreed day and seeing how competently and organized the organizers came to the whole process, my family and I relaxed and surrendered to the professionals. On my own behalf, I want to say a big thank you to Elena for being able to withstand the vagaries of my men! And I know what colossal patience it is necessary to have! But we all coped, and the result surpassed all our expectations. I'm reviewing the photos and if I can hear the smell of a flowering garden again. " (Svetlana, mother of Vova @ selezneva101)

The photo contest will be held once a season among the subscribers of the Happy Parents group, with outdoor photography. Photographer - optimist and professional Elena Zhun.

To become the heroes of the next "photo walk", follow the news in the group Instagram @parents_eng!

The magazine "Happy Parents" will also be happy to cooperate with creative people who are ready to support the project and get beautiful quality photos in return. E-mail us at [email protected]