Exhibition dedicated to soviet childhood, will open in

November 28, 2014 in the Museum of Moscow will open the exhibition "Soviet childhood", dedicated to the life of children in the era of the 1960-1980's. Visitors of the exhibition can look at the history of the city through the eyes of children. They will visit Moscow during the Olympics, the first flights into space, the pioneer camps, the adventures of Electronics and Alice Selezneva. The exposition will include more than a thousand unique exhibits of the time - books, clothes, toys, furniture, photos, posters, posters and much more. And everyone can feel the forgotten "taste of childhood" - try soda "Pinocchio", sweets and cookies according to the original recipes of that time.

The exhibition will be divided into three parts. The theme of the first - the cult places of "children's Moscow" - theaters, the circus on Prospect Vernadsky and other places of entertainment. Here, a huge Christmas tree will be waiting for visitors, decorated with Christmas toys of the 60s-80s, mandarins and sweets, as well as paper flags and ornaments - small visitors can make them themselves in the Children's Center of the Museum of Moscow.

The next part of the exposition will dive visitors into the atmosphere of the Soviet apartment of that time. Adults will see things from the exhibits, which were presented to them by their mother and father, their favorite toys, clothes and furniture.

And after seeing the Moscow apartments, you can go to the Soviet school: to see a class with school desks of the 70s, a school uniform, a notebook with a pioneer oath on the back and a blotter inside and much more.

The exhibition will host views of cult Soviet films: "Welcome, or No Trespassers" by Elema Klimova, "Old Man Khottabych" by Gennady Kazansky, "Attention, Turtle!" By Rolan Bykov and others.

The dates of the exhibition "Soviet childhood": November 28, 2014 - March 15, 2015 Exhibition opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-20.00, Thursday 11.00-21.00, Monday and the last Friday of the month - weekends Address: Moscow Museum, 1st building, Zubovsky Bulvar, 2, m. Park of Culture Official site of the Museum of Moscow: www.mosmuseum.ru