Egor druzhinin: simple mathematics

Remember Petya Vasechkina from the most popular children's film of the 80s? Meet again with the actor who played his role. Now he, Yegor Druzhinin, grew up, became a famous choreographer and a happy father. Egor and his wife, actress Veronika Itskovich, jokingly say that children in their family traditionally appear every four years.

HAPPY PARENTS Your family history really begins with a student's bench? YEGOR DRUZHININ Yes. Nika and I simultaneously entered LGITMiK and studied on the same course. And from the very beginning knew that they were meant for each other. By distribution, I was ready to go anywhere - just with Nika. It seemed to us that any city would suit us, and I even did not mind going to my native city of Nikki - Tbilisi - to work in the Russian Theater. But then everything changed radically. So much so that all our projects and plans began to seem ridiculous. It was hard to live, work, earn, but, again, we did not have a feeling that we could change anything, if we were not together. VERONICA ITKOVICH We were together from the second year of the institute. Immediately began to live alone, without parents - and it's good, because we started to learn how to build a life together.

S.R. This was a hard test for you, then still very young? The world is so arranged that severe trials fall on strong organisms. Yes, sometimes the situation became alarming. But we were surrounded by friends, doing our favorite thing, we had time to go to the movies, to argue, books. Then we did not look any further than tomorrow. And it was normal, all our friends lived like this.

When they lived in America, they wanted children endlessly. but for us it was very important that they were born at home.

We married in 1994, on the eve of my departure to the States. Even then I suspected that the separation would not be short. And really, we have not seen each other for two years. Nick was not allowed into America, I could not come to Russia - I simply did not have money for that. And then there was no opportunity to leave either - otherwise I could not go back. About the children at that time, we did not think - and not because they did not want. We wanted children endlessly, but we realized that we will not stay in America. It was very important for us that our children were born at home so that the children had grandparents. And so, as soon as we returned, Sasha appeared.

S.R. The firstborn was born in St. Petersburg - unlike the subsequent children? Yes, and Tikhon, and Plato - already Muscovites. The St. Petersburg period after our return lasted about two or three years, although I began to visit Moscow immediately. But first I came for a short time - to make this or that setting or to shoot a clip; then a longer-term project arose. With Sasha, we saw very little - and I still feel guilty. A child under three years of age must grow with both parents - this is extremely important. Then we no longer parted - neither with Sashka, nor with Tisha, nor with Platosha - everywhere together.

S.R. Nika, how would you rate Yegor for his skills in dealing with babies? He has a solid five. Even, probably, five with a plus! Suffice it to say that last summer Yegor stayed with Plato, who was only two months old, plus two older children alone, at the dacha, without hot water! And I went to shoot for a week. It was planned that Mom would help Yegor, but she could not stand it and left on the first day. I already found out about this in Minsk and could not return. And Egor did not just manage it - he also built a fence in the dacha in parallel!

S.R. How did the older children react to the appearance of the baby in the family?

Our parental experience is based on the fact that we treat children the same way as we treat each other. We listen and try to understand what is happening to us, and in the same way we try to feel the children.

E.D. Great! Plato is such a bright child that it is simply impossible to treat him otherwise. Although Tishka has some feeling that Plato is somehow interfering with his life. But this is just the nature of Tikhon. He, first, still does not quite understand that Plato is small. And so sometimes there is some kind of fuss over toys. He immediately needs those things that Plato takes in hand. But in the rest, in my opinion, Tikhon does not even imagine how one could live without Plato.

S.R. Experience with each child is becoming more and more. Why did you begin to feel simpler with the advent of a third child than before? To all! From start to finish. The first child is usually a shock, one big stress. When Sasha was small, Egor jumped up at night to check if the baby was breathing. It must be said that all our children literally fall asleep from the first month of life and do not wake up until the morning - which is very rare. ED. There was a period when Sasha went to bed not earlier than an hour or two nights, waking up in the morning about ten or eleven hours. At that time, I was just about one in the morning finishing work at the club. And the half of Nevsky looked at us like crazy. Because there was a married couple with a stroller, in which the child did not sleep. Mom and daughter took my father from work! I was told by friends: how is it, because the girl will go to the garden, what will you do then? Yes, we did not do anything! As soon as the time came, everything immediately fell into place. And with Tikhon we lived about the same way. But Plato quickly made it clear that he is a "lark" and he needs to go to bed at nine. And by and large it was Plato who "laid" Sasha and Tisha in bed, who easily went over to a new graph for themselves. First of all, our parental experience is built on the fact that we treat children the same way as for each other. We listen and try to understand what is happening to us. And, depending on this, we build our lives. In the history of our relations with Nika, we have never tried to "break" each other. We are always aware of each other's affairs, we always know where everyone is. And in the same way we try to understand, feel our children.

S.R. In a creative family and children, as a rule, with creative inclinations ... E.D. We decided that we would give children the opportunity to try everything they could like. And while we do it. There is no point in insisting on what the child does not like. While we are more concerned about the development of children in the physical plane. We must strengthen them more. Therefore, children regularly go for swimming, for massages, we strictly follow how they eat. And we will definitely give them to the sport. Sasha is already engaged in synchronized swimming, and Tishul, in addition to swimming, will soon go on karate.