Cranberries protect against diabetes and stroke

Cranberries protect against diabetes and stroke

American scientists have found that cranberry juice is not only an excellent drink to maintain good immunity, but also a means of preventing cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Such a positive effect on the body is explained by the polyphenols present in the juice. And these substances in cranberries are more than in other berries and fruits, for example, currants, cherries or apples.

A study proving the fact of this kind of benefit of cranberry covered over 50 volunteers. Half of them used 2 cups of cranberry juice a day. And the other half is another drink, but it imitates its taste and smell.

In this case, before the experiment, all volunteers underwent a medical examination. They measured the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, blood pressure. As you know, the increase in these indicators is more than normal - this is a factor in the development of various cardiovascular diseases.

After 2 months, the results of the experiment were summed up. In the first group of patients who drink cranberry juice, all the indicators mentioned above have slightly decreased. What can not be said about the representatives of the second group.

Thus, in the first, the risk of heart disease decreased by 10%, and stroke - by 15%.