Company l'oksitan launched a new charitable project

Since January, the company's best products have been sold in specialty salons in special packages. By purchasing them, you help the blind and visually impaired children.

Since its foundation in 1976, the well-known cosmetic company L`Oksitan supports charitable projects.

On January 8, a new charitable project "I see with my heart" was launched in the L'Occitane branded salons. In order to continue to implement such good projects, the company decided to decorate in its stores a charitable shelf, which will feature bestselling products in special packaging. By purchasing them, you help the blind and visually impaired children. The packaging was designed by a young talented designer Katya Dobryakova.

"First of all, in the design, I wanted to directly convey this important topic - the problem of blindness, which, first of all, is associated with darkness, which the blind see. Therefore, the design used this non-standard color for the company L'Oksitan - black, - emphasizes Katya Dobryakova. - A shining pupil in the form of a heart symbolizes the slogan of the project "I see with my heart", which is also located on the package and is highlighted in a font that resembles a cardiogram. "

In 2011, the company L`Oksitan began cooperation with the fund "Illustrated books for young blind children", and in 2014 with the fund "Naked hearts". In September 2014 a specially equipped playground was opened on the territory of the Golovenkivsky orphanage. This orphanage has been supported by the company for the past three years. It has more than 150 students. Due to the fact that children are impaired visual function, many of them are difficult to absorb the school curriculum and live in an orphanage for up to 23 years.