Clever shopping

All parents want to dress their child stylishly and beautifully without exception. Another thing is that sometimes it's like making a feat: after half a city you go to your favorite boutique, try on a spinning (and sometimes loudly) crumb one blouse, second, third, and then another pair of jeans and sandals on the queue ... An alternative to the traditional shopping in shopping centers has long been an Internet purchase. Did you know that they can be not only convenient for parents, but also useful for the baby? Give the mood!

Have you ever gone to the store not for a swimsuit, but for the smack of sea salt on your lips, not for a raincoat, but for the scent of fresh after rain of foliage? And behind the shine in the children's eyes, when on the horizon looming impressive mountains, or sunlit coast, or your favorite country apple tree? Behind the derelict daughter from a new fantastically beautiful dress or breathtakingly delighted son, trying on the first-ever shirt with a bow tie? Then forward, for new impressions in Little Gentrys - an online boutique of fashionable children's clothes, shoes and accessories from leading European brands, a place where they come not so much for famous brands as for emotions and inspiration. In the seasonal spring-summer-2015 collection, the leading brands from Italy, France and Germany are gathered here: Andrea Montelpare, Archimede, Aston Martin, Bimbalo, Brums, BOSS, DKNY, Dsquared2, iDO, Kenzo, MEK, Petit Bateau, Scorpion Bay, Silvian Heach, SP1ne, Sanetta, Tommy Hilfiger. And it's not just fashionable brands, but perfect quality: if cotton, then organic, if embroidery, then hand-made, if underwear, then seamless and even with a coefficient of protection from sunlight! Little Gentrys - it's not only famous brands, stylish design, high-quality selection of materials and 100% production warranty, but also thoughtful service. Long wait for the cherished purchase will not have to, because when you order today it will be delivered to you tomorrow.

Face from the cover

How to make your child become a model for imitation on the playground and in a literal sense an icon of a fashionable style? The optimal way out is to buy not individual wardrobe items, but sets for different occasions. A pleasant surprise: right in the store Little Gentrys "working" stylist. Competently selected combinations in the form of onion will allow parents not to rack their brains thinking whether the cute Kenzo overalls will fit with the ultra-trendy Dsquared2 rubber boots, and which jeans are ideal for the elegant Aston Martin waistcoat? Having chosen the base item, indicate in your order note your wishes for the selection of the entire onion. Such a purchase will not just be convenient, but also profitable, because the store provides a 25% discount on the purchase of two or more things from one bow!

We play, choose, buy!

So, the choice is made. But ordering is only half the battle. The most important thing that you have to do is to select the clothes that fit perfectly to your child. We offer several games that will make fitting of children's things not only quick and easy, but fascinating and cognitive.

1. "Whose clothes?" (The game develops the skills of classification and thinking, imagination, self-esteem) The three-year-old kid so far only learns to distinguish boys from girls. This game will help him to train his skills, as well as develop artistic taste. Show crumb pictures with images of wardrobe items on the laptop and ask to tell what kind of clothes and to whom, in his opinion, it belongs to - a boy or a girl? Then open several tabs in the browser and ask the child to show what he likes best (not to argue with the children's decision, in advance, choose the best, in your opinion, options). After that - order soon! Do not forget about bonuses (for example, in the online store Little Gentrys (active link:) when buying from 3000 rubles you will get a branded backpack for a small mod for a gift!).

Do not forget that the time spent at the screen, according to the recommendations of ophthalmologists, should not exceed more than 15-20 minutes!

2. "Hats Down!" (The game develops creative thinking, the ability to express emotions, acting talent) Lay out all the headgear on the couch in a row. Choose one and put it on the baby, and then go to the mirror: let him admire his reflection! Ask him to figure out for what situations, in his opinion, this red hat is suitable? And there that crimson beret? Colorful bandana? Stylish Panama in a marine style? Join the game yourself and play a small play. In this form, measure all the headgear and make the right choice!

3. "Fashionable sentence" (the game develops mental skills, the ability to classify and match, small and general motor skills) For this game you will need a large box. Fold in it all the things you want to try on the baby. Place the box in the middle of the room and let the baby open it. Suggest him to investigate the clothes: let him analyze what things are in this "wardrobe", lay out on the heaps of T-shirts, trousers, hats and accessories. Suggest him to pick out the outfit to your liking and help dress. After the image is completed, ask him - who did he become? Remember the poem suitable for this suit, or include the appropriate music and dance a cheerful dance. In your grandiose plans, unforeseen circumstances intervened? For example, the order is delivered, and the baby at this time sleeps (or walks with the grandmother, or plays, and so is absorbed in this important occupation that you will not tear off)? Do not worry, the Little Gentrys store gives you a whole seven days, so as not to rush off at a convenient time, you should consider and try on all the new things. Easy and fast return or exchange system, up to a free courier call within a week, is guaranteed!

"Encourage the children to strive for independence - including in terms of choosing the image," advises TV presenter Tutta Larsen. - I believe that if a child does not walk in a fur coat in the summer and in shorts in the winter, his right to decide how to look. Of course, a dress code is necessary: ​​the boy must go to school in a suit and white shirt, and the girl in the temple - in a long skirt and a kerchief. In the rest of the time our children are free to experiment (of course, within the wardrobe that we bought) - this not only makes fantasy and imagination "work", but also develops good taste! ".

4. "Shoe store" (the game develops the thinking skills, the ability to solve set tasks, small and general motor skills, the ability to navigate in space) Making crumbs obedient couple after pair trying on shoes is not the easiest task. But not in our case! The game will be more dynamic and fun, the more types of shoes you collect. Put in a row slippers and sandals, sneakers and rubber boots - let the child come to the shoe store and choose the "purchase". Is the pair selected? Excellent! Now you need to try on a new thing. Once all the shoelaces are tied, and the Velcro fastened, give the little mod a task: for example, go to the kitchen in 15 seconds or overcome the obstacle course from the pillows scattered on the floor. Are you finished with one pair? Take the next one and repeat all over again!

5. "What has changed?" (The game develops creative thinking, speech and vocabulary, trains memory and visual attention). Do not forget to buy accessories for any children's clothes! Ribbons and scarves, bracelets and clips, hats and hats - for a small fashionista, bright belts, unusual glasses and watches - for a young style. It is fun to measure new things, and to develop the observance will help this exercise. Sit with the child opposite each other. Tell us what is worn on it (pay special attention to various small details and accessories), and then ask him to tell you what is worn on you. Let the kid close his eyes, and in the meantime, take away or change one of the details of your costume (remove the bracelet or watch, put on a tie, etc.). Let the child open his eyes and guess what has changed. Further, the rules change: you have to close your eyes, and the child must "change something in himself" (put on / take off the cap, put on the collar-sweatshirt T-shirt, etc.).

Based on the book by Penny Warner "150 educational games for children from three to six years" (publishing house "Alpina non-fiction").