Circus show "enchanted city". quiz

Since October 4, the Circus of Dancing Fountains "Aquamarine" invites everyone to a dream - a new circus show "Enchanted City". The readers of PARENTS.RU have a chance to win free invitation cards for the show and go there with the whole family. Read more about the show "Enchanted City" in our news.

In the "Enchanted City" you are waited with amazing circus numbers of the best acrobats, jugglers and trainers of the world, delightful ice dances, light and video effects and the majestic water show of Dancing Fountains!

The winners of the quiz receive a couple of tickets for the performance "Enchanted City" in the "Circus of dancing fountains" Aquamarine ".

If the child is under 6 years old, then it can be held free of charge without a ticket, without giving him a separate seat.

To activate the invitation, you must book the date and time of the performance in advance by the phone number indicated on the ticket!

The winners were:

  • Koryuzlova Lydia Vyacheslavovna
  • Abudkova Anna Sergeevna
  • Shemonaeva Tatiana Yuryevna
  • Kartseva Olga Alexandrovna
  • Frolova Raisa Anatolievna
  • Volkova Catherine
  • Lapshina Dinara Usamovna
  • Yastrebova Anastasia Alexandrovna
  • Lyapina Irina Anatolievna
  • Sviridov, Denis Yurievich

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