Broccoli - the enemy of cholesterol

Broccoli reduces bad cholesterol

The European edition of Molecular Nutrition published the results of an interesting study stating that broccoli is one of the best remedies for eliminating low density cholesterol (LDL), the very one that is very dangerous for the heart and blood vessels, increases the risk of pathology. Broccoli reduces LDL levels by about 6%.

About 150 people took part in the experiment. In their diet included 400 grams of glucorafanine - an organic compound, which is abundant in broccoli cabbage.

The most significant decrease in cholesterol was observed after 3 months. At 6%. At the same time, the risk of cardiovascular damage dropped by the same number of percent, this is at least.

This therapeutic effect of glucorafanine is explained by its ability to convert fat and sugar into energy. For the same reason, broccoli is a very useful product for people who want to lose weight. By the way, they, in most cases, are the "bearers" of harmful cholesterol.

To get a good effect of this product, you need to use it at 400 grams per day.