Anastasia grebenkina does not like to leave home for the new

In my deep conviction, the New Year is a family, home holiday, and therefore we celebrate it always at home, in Moscow with the whole family, with my son Vanya and my husband Yury. And this year will be the same.

Happy parents Anastasia, with whom do you plan to celebrate the New Year? Anastasia Grebenkina We have many guests, neighbors and children, friends. Moreover, it turned out so successfully that our neighbors, they are friends. Very comfortably! And I doubt that the children will go to bed. Once a year you can not sleep, it's okay. Vanya, here, celebrated with us the New Year already last year. I think that on this festive night he will also listen to the battle of the chimes. If you do not fall asleep, of course!

S.R. Christmas tree plan to dress up? A.G. We will decorate the Christmas tree, as every year. And we always have it artificial, in my opinion, it was never natural. It's just so convenient for me, and the beautiful tree is very snow-white. Besides, we do not ruin a living Christmas tree, we take care of nature, it's also important. And for the fragrance, one twig is enough.

S.R. Will Father Frost come to your house with presents? A.G. We will write a letter to Father Frost, but, now, we do not yet know whether he will come to us this year. Last year, together with neighbors, they ordered him, they arranged a celebration in the street, but in Vanya, in my opinion, all this was of no great interest. As for the gifts, of course, we will give our son some cool toy, but, I think that for the present the holiday is completely unnecessary. Sometimes my husband and I give Vanya something that we just liked or, when we want to make my son happy.

S.R. What are the results of the year you could brag about? A.G. One of the pleasant results of this year can be called the opening in my school of figure skating "HAPPY ICE" a new, the 4th ice rink "Morozovo", for those wishing to learn to skate at any age. And I am glad when I see what successes people - big and small, can achieve on the ice in just one year!