Alexander berdnikov: gipsy happiness

In contrast to the hero of the popular song, losing roots, Alexander Berdnikov, on the contrary, carefully preserves and protects. And he grows new shoots on a family tree. Today the lead singer of the band "Korni" with his wife Olga, daughter Milana and son Marcel is visiting us.

HAPPY PARENTS Alexander, you have a girl and a boy. The plan for the children has already been fulfilled? ALEXANDER BERDNIKOV If, God willing, there will be more children, I will be only happy. Actually, I want at least three. OLGA BERDNIKOVA I'm also in favor. Roma have always had a lot of children in their families, though now they are usually two, rarely more. But not less.

S.R. Since you are both gypsies, do you have any national traditions in the family? Well, frankly, there are no special differences from Russian families. We have one tradition, because we all live in Russia, all Christians, and we married Olga in the Orthodox Church. Well, why does our family, as a rule, have many children? Because Gypsies love it when there are a lot of people in the house, when it's fun and noisy! And I do not like it when it's quiet, I need someone to run, shout, laugh. Even in the family, a boy is necessary, so that there is someone to transfer family matters. All this stretches, of course, from the past, but no less important now, and for me too.

S.R. Olga, do you also like it when there is no noise in the house? Of course! Even when the children leave to walk with their grandmother, the house is empty, and I just do not find a place for myself.

S.R. Did you have a special wedding? Did you have a gypsy wedding? Yes, I will not say that it was somehow very different from most other modern weddings. There were a lot of people, which is typical for any gypsy wedding. And every family was called to dance. Not representatives of the family, but all of them, from babies in the hands of moms to old men. And the older the dancer, the more respect for the newlyweds from this family. This custom is, perhaps, obligatory for our weddings.

S.R. There is an opinion that Roma do not have marriages with representatives of other nations. Is that so? To some extent, this rule is still maintained, so that in the family the children are Roma. But only to some extent, because my brother, for example, is married to a Russian, and my mother is Russian. However, it's not even a matter of nationality, but that by marrying a gypsy, one must accept the Gypsy traditions, that is, in fact, become a gypsy. And the gypsy does not become another.

S.R. Perhaps not only Alexander sings in your family? Of course, we all sing, it's just already in the blood laid. And how! In general, gypsies are very talented people, and many sing in it, for this it is not at all necessary to become an artist. Moreover, many of my friends, non-artists, sing so that any artist envies. A person can sell cars, let's say, but sing like a professional. Really cool sing!

S.R. Olga, does anyone help you with the children? I do not work until the children are small, so, basically, I manage myself. And Sasha's mother helps, Sasha's aunt. We have many relatives ready to help, so there is no need for nannies.

S.R. How did you meet? We were introduced by friends. I went to Rostov with a friend, we went to a party, and there I saw Olya. Then he went on tour to Germany and called her. And after a while he came back to Rostov, already specially to Olga, where we agreed that I would come to get married, as expected, with my family. To admit, for long courtship of time at me was not. So two months later we got married.

S.R. The firstborn wanted a boy? Who will be the first, we did not care. But the second, of course, the boy wanted.

S.R. And why do most men want a boy? Now you can transfer the inheritance to your daughter. It's not that. I just thought, for example, that the boy would be closer to me. But Milan was born, and it turned out that the girl can be no less close. Milan is my friend. In all. We play together, we love to tumble on the couch, we do various acrobatic numbers, we walk, we go to a cafe. I always carry it on my hands.

S.R. What do you focus on in the upbringing of children? We bring up the way our parents raised us. This is necessary, because this is the most correct method.

S.R. But you are from different families! Olga was brought up so, you - in a different way. AB. No no. In the Roma families there are clear rules and guidelines. For example, respect for the elders. This, of course, is for all peoples, but not always observed, but we try to strictly observe. There are also some things specific to girls, for example. ABOUT. The girl should not walk with the boys and kiss before the wedding. That is, she, of course, can communicate with the guys from her circle, but to a certain extent, not close. And this we have pretty strictly observed so far.

S.R. Olga, and Alexander helps you with the children? Alexander helps me best to kiss and hug them! Mostly all the troubles with the children on my mom, of course. A.B. I'm playing with them.

S.R. Now many of our mothers who have visited Europe complain that the European popes are more caring than ours. Do not you think so? And in my opinion, it's wrong when a child is engaged in a man. The first time when the baby is small, they should be dealt with by the mother. At least up to three years exactly. A.B. And I think that everything depends on each individual family. If the mother can not cope on her own, then the daddy has to help.

S.R. The characters are similar to Milan and Marcel? Not at all. From the very first days they were different. Milan we all have such an active, and Marcel is quieter. He was born, he mostly slept and slept. I remember, at three months - for 20 hours a day and now sleeps well at night. But the boy is cheerful, very fond of laughing, and because of everything. Imagine such a crumb, but laughs out loud!

S.R. Was jealousy between them? Of course it was! In January, Milan was 2 years old, in February Marcel was born, and the first month she was very jealous. Of course, I prepared her for his birth during my pregnancy, she told me that there would be a brother, but it seems to me that all this did not quite come to her. And when Marcel appeared, it began: "Take him away! Do not take your hands! Take me! Put it! "Whims, sobbing ... And then, in time, you know, passed by itself. We did not apply any special, special efforts for this. Although, of course, constantly told that Marcel her brother, the youngest, he must be loved, everyone loves him and her. We generally always talk to her as an adult. Especially since she sometimes does not obey, she shows character. But we understand that this is normal and natural, so it self-affirms.

S.R. Do you practice, like many parents, early development? You know, now children themselves develop early. Here Milana two and a half years, and she easily communicates with five-year-old children, can count already up to 10. But to go to study somewhere at her age, I think it's too early. Although she is extremely independent, for example, not only plays in the iPad, but she goes to the Internet, she is perfectly oriented there and chooses cartoons for herself. She even goes to the TV and tries to move pictures on the screen, like on a touch screen. In this generation, the perception of many things is quite different from ours. But we read books with Milan, Sasha's mother teaches her rhymes with her. Later, we plan to give her to gymnastics or dance, because her daughter is very flexible. Milan is just growing in music, in dance, in singing. The fact is that our guests often gather at home, and everyone likes to sing and dance. The daughter is often asked to perform something, and she is never shy, always - with pleasure. But if he does not want something, he will not do anything. "I myself!" Is her favorite expression. Even the clothes themselves choose: "This shirt," she says, "is beautiful, but this one is not."

S.R. And what do you do if you do not obey? If you really need something, then you can persuade, but if you do not really need it, I never insist. The punishment we have is one - a strict conversation.

S.R. What dreams do you associate with children? I have only a dream: that she had a happy woman's destiny, that she married and she had a good husband and beautiful children. Everything, I have no other dream. At us, at gipsies, it is the best destiny for the girl. The fact is that we do not need a girl to do anything else than the family. No, if she wants to pursue a career - please! But, you see, any girl can dream of marrying well? And for this to happen, you need to know the groom's family. We often introduce young people, and often do so in advance. Not that it is massively practiced, but there are such tendencies. Agree, for example, friends that their children, when they grow up, get married. But, of course, the decisive word for children, if they do not want, nothing will happen. Previously, it used to be forced, now it does not. But anyway, if parents want their children to be together, this can be done.

S.R. Does Milan have no fiancé yet? Not yet. All ahead.

S.R. Plus such matchmaking for the girl - in a guaranteed groom ... OB. You are right, in this respect it is easier. Do not look for a husband and worry about it. He'll find you. At us so.

S.R. Would you like children to become professional singers too? Yes, it's cool, and for me, for example, it was always interesting. Marcel, maybe I would have wished for such a fate. Although ... I do not mind if he became a professional athlete, a football player. And Milan will choose how to live and who to be. She will study necessarily, and if she has a cool job, I will be only happy.