Against breast cancer!

October is traditionally considered the month of struggle against breast cancer. And that this problem did not remain unnoticed, for more than 20 years, the Estee Lauder Corporation has been carrying out scientific and educational activities concerning this second most frequently diagnosed oncological disease (in 1 out of 8 women an invasive form of breast cancer is detected).

The purpose of the action against breast cancer, which takes place every year, is to draw public attention to the care of women's health and raise funds for research on effective methods of treating breast cancer.

The campaign against breast cancer was founded in 1992 by Evelyn Lauder, the creator of the Pink Ribbon - an international symbol of breast health. The campaign aims to fight breast cancer by educating and supporting medical research. Over the past 20 years, nearly $ 42 million has been transferred to the "Breast Cancer Research Foundation" for 166 research projects.

And here are the results: in the probationary regime, a vaccine against breast cancer is launched in the early stages; New ways to identify the risk of breast cancer in girls whose relatives were ill were found; A new technique for analyzing blood to detect metastases was developed to prevent tumor growth; a new rehabilitation program has been implemented for patients who have had breast cancer experiencing significant difficulties with memory and concentration of attention; A weight loss program has been developed that helps prevent the recurrence of metastasis in breast cancer in the early stages.

In the whole world today there are 6.3 million people who managed to defeat breast cancer. This figure is comparable to the population of Milan, Dubai and Chicago ... combined.

You can contribute to this good cause by purchasing a special "pink version" of products participating in the action of stamps in October (Estee Lauder, Clinique, Darphin, La Mer, Tom Ford, Aveda, Jo Malone). This year the Campaign expands the global call to action and tries to unite all who faced breast cancer.

The faces of the next stage of the Campaign are four families: they are all different, but each of them has its own story, showing how love and support of loved ones help to become stronger. In these stories and video interviews (on you will learn firsthand how women whose lives have radically changed with the detection of breast cancer have found the strength not to give up and continue to struggle with the support of their loved ones. These very personal stories of hope, faith, love and the power of family ties demonstrate that the opportunity to share your problem with loved ones has a great and even curative power.

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