"happy parents" give the book as a gift!

Dear readers, we are happy to provide you with a book that you can get absolutely free of charge! The "Happy Parents" magazine gives you a 20% discount on all the books of Lithuania, as well as the opportunity to get one of 100 books for the "Happy

Give your child the opportunity to open the main parade

Complete the trip to Disneyland® Paris with Mastercard Sign up for the MasterCard® Priceless City® program from July 18 to August 21, 2016 and enjoy Disney® magic with the whole family, having the tremendous opportunity to open the main parade in

What is kryzhma? what kind of carpet to choose for baptism?

Kryzhma is a new diaper, linen, towel, white clothes, which is an indispensable attribute of christenings. Kryzhma symbolizes sinlessness and purity. He undertakes to buy the godmother, the godmother, she brings the kryzhma to the temple and receives

Specialists mothercare give advice on the selection of

The child should have the right shoes from the first steps. The expert MOTHERCARE and the representative of the PediPed brand gave young mothers useful advice on the master class, which was held with the support of the magazine "Happy Parents" on

The musical "the earl of eagles". quiz

Young viewers can watch the musical "Earl of the Eagles" at a special rate. Readers of PARENTS.RU can win tickets for a musical, answering quiz questions. Music, light, bright costumes - the art of a musical is interesting even to the youngest

How to create family traditions?

The invention of every possible set of rules, rituals or symbols that unite a family is a good and useful thing that parents and children can do together. In the modern world of vanity, family traditions are gradually disappearing: we are less and

Expander simulator

"Perhaps there are no more people who do not know that strength training burns fat no worse than cardio, and its fat burning action continues for several hours, and sometimes days after one - the only workout. The more muscle you have, the faster

Safilo presents a new collection of glasses "kids by

Safilo presents a new collection of glasses KIDS BY SAFILO: an innovative project dedicated to children aged 0 to 8 years. The glasses are designed to satisfy the needs of tender children's eyes. When creating a medical-scientific approach, the

Bookshelf: for children from 2 to 3 years

At this age, the child begins to identify with the heroes of stories and fairy tales. It is easier for him to understand the emotions and emotions of the three piglets than the girlfriends on the playground. However, thanks to the characters, the kid

Hygiene rules

Than brush your teeth? Pasta? No, use the whole arsenal: paste, antibacterial rinse, dental floss, anti-inflammatory gels. Every six months consult a hygienist. To keep your toothbrush, follow these tips: Thoroughly disinfect the toothbrush. In
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