How to win a pisces man?

how to fall in love with fishMost often, Pisces men are unnecessarily sensitive, and even extremely vulnerable pilots in the clouds are dreamers who live in their own often illusory world. They can be secretive and mysterious, these men often themselves, in general, do not know what exactly they would like from their lives. Extremely indecisive, not brave men Pisces tend to doubt literally everything, they are extremely rarely able to take at least some more or less responsible actions and take important steps on their own. And why? These men are able to be completely happy, well, almost in any even the most difficult life circumstances, and regardless of whether they have a loved wife nearby or not ... Pisces men in general do not really need to have no need for excess. There is a banal piece of bread on their table - and in principle this is quite enough. That's why these men are extremely rarely able to take the initiative. They live by the principle, a wave of happiness and prosperity has rolled in, has carried away in the water open spaces is perfectly! Well, I did not finish it - it's also not good to protect my wealth from the plunderers. Just spank on the warm shallows. Moreover, this life principle applies literally to everything and to existing relationships with young ladies in particular. If, for example, caught in the network of a male fish, some snort fisherman Sonia - then actually so this man will not resist. Well, not hooked it to anyone on the hook - this man will calmly frolic in the wild, waiting for his fishing. Therefore, as a rule, the decision of questions, how to manage to win Pisces men, in general, does not represent a certain complexity, you just need to want it. And, nevertheless, there are in this conquest some nuances about which young ladies wanting this conquest, one should know.

How to initially charm the man of the Pisces sign?

In most cases, men who were born with the sign of Pisces can be distinguished by gentleness, a certain mildness of character and considerable friendliness. These men seem very sincere to many, in fact, therefore, quite often cause a real sympathy of all their associates. Men Pisces simply can not stand the sensation of loneliness, they always tend to be among a large number of people. These are extraordinarily charming, very sociable individuals who enjoy incredible success with most women. At the same time, the men themselves of this sign try not to fall in love at all - as a rule, Pisces scares the emergence of strong feelings, because it can create chaos and something incomprehensible in their beautiful but illusory world that exists according to strictly defined its own and to no longer known canons and rules.
In general, the Pisces men are able to ideally let the ladies dust, in the eyes creating a kind of fake image. But what really these men think about themselves and what exactly they keep deep in their souls, probably no one knows at all. Really spiritually fragile, these men often suffer from excessive emotional overstrain. Naturally, in such a state these men can become incredibly resentful and even react extremely inadequately to seemingly most trivial questions or phrases.
The young lady, whom the man of Pisces can like, initially should take into account such incomprehensible features of the psyche of these men. If, for example, a male fish suddenly became too withdrawn, and even withdrew into himself, or maybe suddenly with neither one nor that, flared up for no apparent reason - it would be better to leave this guy in absolute rest for a while. He just needs a short rest. Otherwise, the most serious quarrel can happen. In this case, afterwards you will have to establish your relations after such a quarrel alone, a man to you in this will definitely not be an assistant. This is the case, because male Pisces, as a rule, absolutely does not care - he has this relationship, or not. These men are able to do without any relationship. And by and large, always and in everything with the Pisces men, you young lady will have to take the initiative solely in their own hands. And moreover, even an acquaintance with a man of this sign, and any further communication with it - everything will depend directly on the activity of the woman. The man himself Fish is extremely indecisive, he is subject to constant doubts and any foreign influence from outside. Definitely not even worth spending your own time on coquetry with this incomprehensible person. After all, it is unlikely he will notice you and is unlikely to turn his attention to your behavior. As a rule, for Pisces men, the most important thing is for close people to accept and understand them. Actually, therefore, the best way to please this man will be the ability of a woman to listen, simply supporting a certain conversation and, of course, showing the maximum warm friendship for a man. how to win fast male fish To catch a man Fish on your female hook is pretty easy. For this, it will be enough, in the simplest possible way, to have a pleasant conversation with this man on any of the philosophical topics. Male Pisces just do not feed bread, but let only a little philosophize about the essence of our being about its possibly mystical influence directly on human society. It is natural that in order for the male sign of the Fish to swallow a hook of a woman once, but deeper, it will be easy enough for him to hint at some fatefulness of your meeting with him and even to let know about some karmic her background. Believe me, this man will surely get hooked on such phrases, and he will certainly begin to think about the fate of your meeting. Then you will only gently guide the man Fish to the path you need. And rest assured, he will very willingly step on this path, especially if in the direction you will act as gently and no less delicately. To you dear young lady at dialogue with the man of the given sign, it is necessary to learn, practically instantly to catch all differences in its mood, certainly if you wish to keep this man beside yourself. After all, the inner world of Pisces men is very mobile and even unusually vulnerable. And, unfortunately, this man can not be remade. Actually, therefore, the young lady intending to completely conquer the man of the Pisces sign must in essence be very sensitive, incredibly impressionable, and somewhere romantic. This woman is simply vital to be able to accurately guess all the impulses of the chosen soul and, of course, treat them as carefully as possible, and with full understanding. After all, otherwise the man Fish just sailed away, as they say in the open sea of ​​life. The soul of this man simply does not tolerate the slightest rudeness, or prudence, nor excessive pragmatism, and does not accept it. Well, let's say all is well. You have learned, and understand and feel the man-fish, you take care of his difficult inner world, you with genuine interest try to discuss certain Blavatsky books with him, or the works of scientists about parapsychology ... But does this mean that the man Fish is firmly stuck in your networks, and is it possible at this stage to celebrate the victory? Most likely not. Indeed, in order to be able to finally conquer such an inveterate bachelor, it is not at all sufficient to be simply sublime, and a rather subtlely sensitive nature. So what does a young lady need to have in addition to all that has been said?

So what should a woman be able to become a life companion for a Pisces man?

The ideal man, born under the sign of Pisces, can become a delicate, incredibly tender, really very tolerant and at the same time a reliable and pretty strong woman. A woman for such a man should be able to soberly assess the surrounding reality, rather than hover in the clouds. It should be able to go out with litany and dignity in the literal sense of the most difficult or dangerous life situations. Unfortunately, the Piscean man can not become a defense and a reliable support for this woman, they are ready to reassign this role to the lady. Such men are not able to navigate in the real external world. So, for example, if under the pressure from outside these men and dare to rush to fight with any real problems, they are unlikely to be able to at least win something. Actually perfectly aware of this, the Pisces men and try to look for marriage to the young lady initiative, the most enterprising, and, of course, completely self-confident. However, in this case, the truly strong-willed character of the lady will have to be combined in her with absolute femininity and even lyrical romanticism. What will concern intimate relations with the young lady, then the Pisces men may have some unusual and even strictly specific desires and preferences. Such men are usually attracted only by the most active dreamers, and even enterprising partners they definitely like ladies who have some sadistic inclinations, although without fanaticism in this area. That's actually the Pisces and prefer that the lady showed these inclinations only occasionally, to a greater extent playing the role of an unnecessarily temperamental, and very sensual dreamer. And moreover, all this can be extremely important because representatives of this sign simply can not tolerate young ladies, for whom a qualitative physical affinity may be more valuable than the spiritual side of the same relationship. Men Fish generally believe that that sublime true love in no way will not have to depend on a low carnal desire. Pisces does not belong to the type of men, especially those who are fond of sex. As a rule, these people still prefer that the physical merger that is planned takes place only after the couple finds something more, when your heart will give your voice.
Remember also that the men born in this sign of the zodiac, categorically can not be criticized and certainly one should not mock their failures. And this is not because they have too painful self-esteem. Rather, it should not be done, because the Pisces men are not too sure of their own correctness and infallibility. And, imagine, if you add fuel to the fire, constantly pointing out the man for his shortcomings, believe me, his self-esteem in general can fall below zero. And then it's unlikely that after this you can expect from a man Pisces, well, at least some kind of increased attention to yourself or truly a man's deed. This man is more likely just to hurry back into himself, initially deciding that he is simply not worthy to be at least someone's companion in this life, because he is so bad for life in this world.
In fact, the Pisces men always need almost constant confirmation of their own importance of need or importance, even for someone. Above them, one can not make fun of jokes and certainly should not be sneered. But a woman who wants to be on life next to this type of man, you will need to almost all your life to try to instill in his head a sense of security and safety. Although completely open dominance over such a man, as well as over his life, is also absolutely unacceptable. Still, he is the same man as the other zodiacal signs. Female domination can be as tactful as possible, with full understanding and sense of the necessary measure.
Summing up, in general, so that the young lady managed to tie a type like the man Fish to herself, she only needs to be able to prove her own enterprise and real ability to solve all life problems. However, how do you guess to prove all this is not necessary at all, when with the arising question or problem, this man can cope on his own, and in completely opposite cases. Demonstrate their own versatility resourcefulness, and even businesslike efficiency should be in resolving those situations that frankly will cause this man's difficulties. And to do all this should be as easy and even as fun as possible, so as not to accidentally scare the fishman with his own tough assertiveness, and also not to offend the slightest hint of his failure and weakness.
how to fall in love with a guy - fishIn simple words, in order to completely and forever conquer the heart of a man like Fish, the young lady must always be romantic, very subtle, sublime and delicate. However, at the same time, the girl will simply have to be determined, very persistent and even enterprising, even in the most difficult situations. And in no case will young ladies be allowed to exercise excessive harshness in judgments and even conversations, rudeness, total tactlessness, as well as inability to overcome difficulties and complete reluctance to help a man solve the most difficult and urgent issues are unacceptable. Believe me, all this can completely destroy the trust of such an impressionable man as a Pisces man, and then he will simply go into his own illusory world, and for a very long time. And sometimes, maybe, it will go away even for good. And the last thing we should say is that even if a certain woman does not quite correspond to the ideal of a bachelor who was born under the sign of Pisces, which we described, this man can still fall in love and marry her. After all, for this lady will be enough at the right time just to show great perseverance. Remember, the men of this sign are incredibly pliable and very easily suggestible. These men are able to see a person exactly as he demonstrates himself and such as he wants to look himself. And this means that to catch a man Fish in its own network can any young lady even pragmatic, and completely devoid of spirituality and sublimity, a person. But why should she do this, and is all this worth it? A very big and controversial issue.