How to win a man libra?

how to fall in love with a scalesThe vast majority of men born under the zodiacal sign of Libra are people who are extremely unbalanced and unpredictable, extremely incomprehensible to society. The mood of such men is changeable, literally like the weather. So for example, then a warm and affectionate sun shines brightly on the man's face, then suddenly, for no apparent reason, a gusty, stormy wind will fly and literally blow everything up, making a scandal ... Another half an hour the sun can shine again. And so it can happen several times a day. And the very owner of such an extraordinary character, such sudden changes in mood do not bother at all, the man of Libra, simply, always knows how to find an explanation for them, sometimes apologizes and just continues to behave as if nothing had happened. We would even say that seriously think about how to win such a man as a Libra man can, perhaps, only lovers of peppercorns, or acute sensations. Nevertheless, most of the representatives of the stronger sex born under this sign - the guys are not at all evil. Men Libra just too hot-tempered. Well, what can the boys do about it, and they will calm down soon. So actually, why not get in touch with them, which means why not understand the issues of conquest of someone's heart? In fact, you can not order a woman's heart. So, let's get started ...

Qualities of character that distinguish the men of the Libra sign

First of all, it must be understood that in spite of such an unstable character, every man of the sign of Libra still aspires to some stability and at least to a relative equilibrium in his life. The scales man is a recognized dreamer who wants to be surrounded only by the most pleasant people and the most beautiful things. Although he wants to want something, but he can not always be able to keep a number of such people pleasant to him. After all, when a man born under such a contradictory sign, sometimes displeased with something, believe me, he is able in some cases to arrange a truly ugliest scandal, even with the smashing of utensils, etc.
Naturally, by the same token, this man is able to set up against himself literally everyone who originally reached out to him, who is possible, but five minutes ago was cute. However, all the men of Libra are very quick and quick, and they know how to recognize all the lowlands and filthiness of their actions. Probably, this is why these men are usually quickly forgiven, clearly realizing that such outbursts of rage can be explained only by some uncertainty of the Libra man in the absolute reliability of a particular situation. how to fall in love with a scales мужчину
Generally Men Libra - this is not the leaders by nature. They absolutely do not like and do not accept a sense of responsibility, these men are in the majority of them, are inclined to shift problems, and search for their permission to others' shoulders, and, as a rule, people close to them. Men of this zodiacal sign prefer to immediately obey existing circumstances, but do not actively fight against such. At the same time, men of this sign are always reinsurers who try, as they say, to lay straws literally everywhere, where this only can be, perhaps. Men scales, as a rule, are extremely cautious in their actions, which, nevertheless, does not prevent these men from occasionally scandalizing, losing their temper and making careless and rash acts. As a rule, then these men again try to fix everything and arrange everything with peace and harmony. Do not believe me, they can even cross some of their own principles for the sake of forgiveness.
Simply put, with the men of Libra, their women usually have oh as hard. And, nevertheless, all the same, the men of this zodiac sign almost always have a lot of ardent fans. Yes, it's actually not surprising at all - the men of Libra, as a rule, are very elegant, always eloquent and believe me, they know how to take good care, like women. The truth to admit, seducing the next young lady, these men do not always consider it possible to set themselves for the purpose of prolonging relations with her to some degree of seriousness. These suitors will take a long time to look, analyze all the time to weigh, and long to reflect. And only then, after the time has elapsed, they can decide to terminate the relationship, realizing that all this at the given time they absolutely do not need. Actually, then, such men move away from the woman who literally yesterday could call almost the only deity in the world and something incredibly valuable in their life. So how can we actually tame these eternally elusive elusive migratory birds?

How to be able to conquer a man born under the sign of Libra?

Since the Libra men always have a number of ladies close to their throne, the lady who seriously and for a long time hopes to conquer such a man will have a really hard time in a serious competitive struggle. For a complete success, a woman needs to be able to become an absolutely compelling person, and attention, which will be incredibly expensive. Literally every detail of your wardrobe, literally every word spoken, and even the slightest gesture should always be optimally verified, really outstanding and incredibly harmonious. Remember, a man of this sign can really become interested only in that girl who will excel all other women literally in everything. Men Libra will need a brilliant beauty who, apart from her beauty, will be intelligent, who will be able to support almost any social conversation, even the most complex topics that she does not quite know. After all, otherwise this young man, even on a superficial and easy affair, not to mention the novel, is unlikely to be able to make up her mind.
As we already mentioned earlier, the man of the Libra sign is not a leader, not a hunter, and, of course, not a conqueror with women. Therefore, you dear little lady to win this man will have to do on your own. Although the act in this case will not need to be snobbish, but as sensitively as possible and no less cautiously. So it will start best with long enough, but not long, interesting conversations, for example, about art, perhaps about politics, about cinema, or literature. The most important thing is to be able to demonstrate to Libra's man your erudition, your intellect and of course competence in those issues that you will discuss. how to conquer and marry a man Libra If, in addition, you will be able to shine with a subtle humor wit, then this gentleman will come to incredible delight! However, do not rush to consider this rapture your final victory over him, believe this victory in one small battle, and the conquest has not yet happened unequivocally. In order for this man to take at least some decision, it will take quite some time. And of course to use all this time, not celebrating your initial triumph, but constantly looking at such an uneasy person as you are, and also gradually picking out the key to his soul and squeezing it daily with your exclusivity, beauty and mind. Nevertheless, your triumph in the end can still turn out to be the same complete and unconditional defeat, and all because of the unpredictability of this sign, alas.
In general, the young lady, intending to conquer the heart of a man like Libra, should try to find out exactly all his tastes and preferences. A woman needs to be aware of everything and exactly what books this man loves, and of course what kind of music he listens to, what he does not like, and where this person likes to spend his free time and much more, in general, everything that they can find. But it is necessary to unearth such information casually, without frightening him and without showing too much interest. Men Libra usually can not tolerate when a woman, makes them feel like some kind of game, which was declared a targeted hunt. Only then, when you learn this person a little, after a while, you will be able to hint to him and to his special attitude first to his interests, and only then directly to him as a man. And imagine it is likely that this man himself will rush into the attack. Naturally, then your storyline can begin to develop quite favorably, especially if the young lady does not allow herself to admit any overt tactlessness or negligence.
In fact, if a girl can find the right approach to the man Libra, then next to this person she can feel quite comfortable. As a rule, his incredible impulsiveness can easily be regulated by her counter manifestation of absolute tranquility and even some kind of tender sensuality of a woman. Of course, a girl who does not have much patience, and a calm temper with representatives of this irrepressible sign, it is better not to initially contact. After all, these men are not initiative, and do not know how to make their own decisions, they are predisposed to some reflection and quite unexpected powerful enough outbursts of anger. And this can mean that the unsettled, mentally unstable nervous women for a long time to bear next to a similar man will simply not be able to. Only a balanced, self-assured young lady is soft, but a strong one is fully capable of condescendingly treating such antics of a loved one, and to continue to remain with the Libra sign man absolutely happy.