How to win a man cancer?

how to conquer a man with cancerIn men who are born under the sign of Cancer, to their chosen ones, as a rule, the highest requirements. Therefore, so often you can meet such a man at an age and lonely, because in search of his "ideal" must pass many years. It is very important for the male Cancers to find the ideal woman who would be sympathetic to all the characteristic "fads" inherent in this sign, and calmly tolerated all the differences in moods. Since the men of Rakov are distinguished by such a trait as homesteading, it is extremely important for them that the spouse be an excellent hostess who knows how to create a cozy comfortable and caring atmosphere in the house, where her husband constantly works after busy everyday work. And the romanticism and dreaminess of Cancer also implies the ability to approach the question of gifts for him with refinement.

Qualities of character that distinguish men from Cancer

The majority of men born under the sign of Cancer, are owners of gray or blue eyes, thick and beautiful hair, high intelligence and great potential for creativity. Such a man always surprises his fans with exquisite and refined courtship. His romantic and sentimental nature can evoke delight, even after many years of close communication. They surround with care and attention, tenderness and love of those who become for them, is really close. In addition to high intelligence, the man-cancer has also a sharp intuition. This feature is also a characteristic "highlight" of this sign. They can not be called unfeeling, because this is the only sign for which sexual intimacy is not the main thing, because these men feel in themselves a much richer range of feelings than other signs of the zodiac. Well, of course, there are no more excellent lovers than the man-cancer.
Another very attractive feature inherent in male Cancers: they never get involved in scandals, do not arrange a showdown, do not show others their frustration or anxiety. In the case of an intuitive sense of danger, the male Cancer will simply take her lover away, hide it far away, so that no unpleasantness or competition will disturb their idyll, peace and tranquility.
It is important to know and be prepared for the fact that the male Cancers, despite their inherent devotion, are able to plunge completely into a dizzying romance on the side. But, these relations are dictated by nothing more than a craving for new sensual emotions, shocks and emotional ups. As a rule, these novels are very short-lived, followed by sincere remorse and return to the family, into a house where habitual comfort and comfort take them for a long time. Pragmatic and practical - these are two other characteristics that characterize a man, the sign of Cancer. And this despite the romanticism and sentimentality of nature. Yes, it is in this sign of the Zodiac that such seemingly cardinal and incompatible traits of character combine with firm conviction. Pragmatic and practical, features that are simply necessary for the well-being of the family. The Cancer man knows the value of money, and he will not "throw them into the wind," restraining his spouse from "bouts of transthorcy." features of male cancer Another positive quality of this sign is conservatism. Men-Cancers are avid conservatives. They have difficulty in adapting to new conditions or circumstances. For them, every detail, even if not of special value, is important, if only it is associated with some episode of the past. Men-Cancers are honored and love to fulfill family traditions. Undoubtedly, before marriage, it is quite a hard nut to crack, because it is not easy for a Raku man to change his mind and become accustomed to the idea of ​​a family, but if it happened, the family will become for him the first place, and even a short "official" or "resort" romance do not force him to leave the family. Men born under the sign of Cancer have one more feature: they have high decency and attention to everyone around them. These two characteristics clearly indicate that such a man simply can not commit a mean and indecent act. In their pure heart, there is not even a thought of betrayal on their part. Such a man is the most reliable support, you can always rely on him. In order not to connect you to the man-Cancer: friendship, love - you can always be sure of his devotion. Honesty and honesty are the two components on which the character of the Cancer man rests, and he will not destroy them even in pursuit of money or high official position.
Attention to people with Cancers is manifested through constant readiness to come to the rescue, to take part in the search for and solving other people's problems. And this, in spite of the fact that many such heartiness does not cause a reaction, and often the man-Raku has to "get out" of his problems on his own, alone.
To have a full idea of ​​the nature of a male cancer and not to feed false illusions about his image, it is worth saying a few words about his negative aspects of character. For example, male Cancers are extremely sensitive. This trait, of course, can not relate to the positive side of their character. A man born under the sign of Cancer, will be very painful to bear even the smallest criticism in his address. Of all the signs, it is Cancer that is not manly offensive and vulnerable. The reason for such vulnerability is their openness and kindness, gentleness and loyalty to the world around them. With age, we begin to understand that this world is far from being so soft to man, as it seems at first. But the Cancer man, expecting an identical reaction of his own, even with the years refuses to understand the rigidity and indifference of others. And this greatly hurts him. Often, he, the man-Raku, simply lacks the determination and assertiveness to rebuff the offender. But this means that he is a coward or a "rag". Because of its innate humanism, Cancer is not capable of performing harsh actions. And therefore, the grievances that are being grasped in the soul over and over again cause other problems, expressed through character, over time. Male Cancers have two unpleasant weaknesses for them, a tendency to quickly erupt aggression and depression. Both aggression and depression in the Rakov are nothing but a reaction, overwhelmed to the brim with resentment of the soul. In male crayfish, a frequent and sharp change in mood is manifested most often than in other signs. For them, the distance between all crushing aggression and silent depression equals one step, that is, negligible. That is why it is so often possible to observe a male Cancer, whose furious attack is suddenly replaced by complete exhaustion and despair. how to win a man cancer Insecurity in one's own strengths and own "I" is another characteristic, but not positive, trait of the character of the male Cancer. And this, perhaps, is its most problematic feature, because of which, in fact, all negative emotions and situations arise in this sign. Cancers often have lower wages than they deserve, they are more difficult than everyone else to move up the career ladder. And all this because of fear and hesitation in defending their interests, their point of view (often more correct and accurate than others), because of the shyness to demonstrate and show their dignity to this world openly. Excessive caution is another feature of the male Cancer that is not very nurturing. By itself, caution, of course, does not apply to negative characteristics. But, as wisdom says, everything is good in moderation. And if care is excessive, then this moves the bar toward unpleasant traits of character.
If the greater part of the male half of humanity has a desire for risk, which often raises them to the heights of life, then the main motto of the Rakov is: Seven times measure, and do not always cut. Cancers are very cautious in everything. Among the men of that sign, you practically will not find those whose activities are associated with extreme sports or even the slightest risk to life and health. But, for fans of a "quiet family backwater" - this is the best option, because in life with Cancer there will never be sudden volcanic eruptions and other life disasters and shocks.
For a male Cancer, the best profession is a theoretical thinker, a philosopher or a psychologist. This conclusion is made on the basis of another not very positive, though not entirely negative, feature of this sign-the illusory perception of the world around us. These men, despite the high intellectual level and intuition, live in a world imagined and built up with its dreaminess, full of illusions and non-existent ideals. Crayfish are always busy referring to their inner world of perceptions and feelings, instead of analyzing events taking place in the external world. How often can you see a male Cancer who, instead of making a clear and firm decision, deepens into abstract theoretical reasoning, avoiding a direct practical answer to the question or solving the problem. Because of its illusory nature, the Cancer man can seem absent-minded, forgetful, and often fall into esotericism, being carried away precisely by the philosophical part of it. But, despite such an abundance of rather negative character traits, it is not boring with Cancers, because their intellect and non-standard thinking are always a magnet attracting people.

How to carry the man of Cancer with him?

To attract and keep next to a man who was born under the sign of Cancer, first of all, you need to be able to become a real reliable friend, trusted person, close in spirit to a person, that is, a kindred spirit. Only before a friend, akin to his soul, Cancer can open emotionally and sensually. Former disappointments and emotional experiences can keep Cancer away from everyone. And to overcome this barrier of isolation and closeness, we need only sincere feelings and attitude towards it. A Cancer man will not open his soul and heart until he is 100% sure that his person occupies a central, crowning place in your soul, that your attitude to him is not just a flirtation and a passing fad, but really sincerity and the desire to become a person close to him. how to win a man cancer Sometimes Cancer can be "pushed" lightly to the action. This is easily done by creating a competitive situation. After all, Cancers can not stand the spirit of any competition, and if they feel that the girl is about to be led away, they begin to "move" and open their heart. True, it is important not to "overdo" and guess the moment, because if the male Cancer is not sure in his place in your soul, he can simply turn away and let you calmly take you away to another, watching from the side for your attitude to this situation. To keep a male Cancer girl herself must have a restrained character. After all, coping with the frequent attacks of the melancholy of the male Cancer and not offended in any way on his emotional outbursts is a talent for the female nature. And it is very important to remember, Cancers categorically do not tolerate violence against themselves, any pressure or control. Any attempt to control it will be perceived as an act of violence against the person and is crowned with such fruits as a profound insult to the person, a heartache, an insult, and so on. No man-Cancer will not allow him to manage, not to reckon with his opinion, to control every step. He will defend his dignity by all conceivable and unthinkable methods. And then with a quiet and quiet family life you can say goodbye once and for all.
Remember, in relationship with Cancer there should be no arrogance, no arrogance, no contempt for him. Internal courage, but outwardly absolute humility and simplicity, naivety and sincerity - that's what a man born under the sign of Cancer will "bite". Assume forever, Cancers - the most vulnerable and sensitive among the remaining signs, so be careful not to hurt their souls so as not to disturb the idyll of the relationship.