You froze for a walk? warm up!

The cold is what most often makes our walks shorter. But do not sit in the dank and frosty days at home? No way, because the cold can be defeated. To do this, you just need to move properly. Take children of all ages, other relatives, as well as pets - and for a walk! if you feel that you are frozen, immediately do the following:

Gather into the heap and embrace! Slap each other on the shoulders, stroke on each side, squeeze, rub the back between the shoulder blades.

If the child is very cold and there is no shelter nearby, open your outer clothing, raise the sweater and allow the baby to cling to your body, hugging him. In this way they even warmed up the ice from the ice!

You can warm yourself while walking with the help of breathing, which is practiced by yogis. Exhale vigorously, then hold your breath and continue to walk quickly without breathing. You'll see - your fingers and toes warm up. Exercise can be repeated, but carefully - the head may become dizzy.

Have a bite of a piece of chocolate, nuts or butter cookies. Small portions of such warming food in the frost will be very handy, because, with its assimilation, the body temperature rises.

Have a drink in small sips of warm water. Such water (or tea, mors) in a thermos is reasonable to take with you on any "cold" walk with the child. Just do not fill the thermos with boiling water - you'll burn yourself!

A little bit warmed up?

Fix the result with articulate warm-up gymnastics from 12 exercises. All the warm-up exercises are performed at an intense pace several times.

For hands

  1. Firmly squeeze and unclasp fingers.
  2. Rotate with your arms apart, bent at the elbows.
  3. Do circular rotations with arms outstretched, you can alternately.
  4. Swing your arms: one up, the other down. Or both immediately up and down.
  5. Intensively cross and spread your arms at the chest level.
  6. Bend your arms at a right angle, squeeze your fists and move your hands together, like applauding your fists, but do not touch them. Then sharply dilute elbows to the sides and so several times. We carry out intensively, even militantly.
  7. Take a small branch with your palms and rub it intensely, as if to build a fire. The impact on the biological points on the palms will help keep warm.
  8. Rotate your shoulders in a circle back and forth.

For legs

  1. Roll over, roll over on the feet from the toe to the heel and from the edge to the edge of the foot.
  2. Turn your knees in a circular motion clockwise and against, for which put your hands on your hips and slightly bend your knees.
  3. Holding on to the support, wave one, then the other foot, then forward, then back.
  4. Take one leg, bending at the knee and do it circular movements.
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