We treat a cold without hassle and unnecessary expenditure!

What do we expect from an anti-cold medication? First of all, that it was effective. And the next point in the list of priority characteristics is the convenience of use. With the drug should be in all respects comfortable: comfortable to use, comfortable to store, comfortable to carry. In this case, it should fit all family members, because colds, unfortunately, all ages are submissive.

By the way, how much do we know of the means calculated for both adults and babies? There are not so many - and it's ... uncomfortable! And costly. You have to buy one, the child - another. And if you consider that often anti-cold medications have a narrow specialization - only from the common cold or only from the throat - the picture looms quite desolate. And so it is unpleasant to be ill, and then lay out a round sum for medicines and buy them "a cart and a small cart".

What to do?

Look closely at a very topical preparation from the French company Servier - micron aerosol Bioparox®. With him, we hardly have any complaints about the inconvenience of use, high cost and narrow focus.

  • Bioparox® is designed for both adults and children from 2.5 years.
  • He fights both with a cold *, and with a sore throat *. The set includes convenient replaceable nozzles for the throat and nose (adult and silicone nursery).
  • Each Bioparox® package includes a soft carrying case: with it, the spray itself and the nozzles are easy to keep clean.
  • One bottle is enough for 400 inhalations, i.е. on 3-4 courses of treatment.
  • Aerosol is one of the most sterile and "long-playing" forms. Bottle of Bioparox® should not be opened: the therapeutic composition is sprayed by pressing the valve. Good tightness allows long storage of the drug. So we avoid classical spending - due to the fact that "last year's funds ran out of storage". Other drugs "live" after the opening of a few weeks, and Bioparoksu® was released truly "Mafusail Age" - 2 years.
  • The price of Bioparox® does not belong to the category of sky-high. It is quite accessible, and against its universality (for the nose and for the throat), economy and "longevity" wins twice.
  • The action of an aerosol is like "sniper shooting". Each press gives an accurate dispersion of the active substance into the inflammation zone. So we get the maximum from the drug.
  • Bioparox® has an independent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. The first violin in the composition is played by fusafungin - a natural substance, isolated from the fungus Fusarium lateriticum from the trunks of gardenia jasmine. The drug inhibits the growth of bacterial pathogens of infections of the upper respiratory tract, 1 reduces the swelling of the mucous membrane, 2 reduces the permeability of the vascular wall, and excessive mucus formation in the nasal cavity.
Convenience in a square!

Bioparox® can be used at any stage of the cold *, but it is better to "grab" it at the stage when it makes its "first steps". In this case, Bioparox® will try to do everything to make it the last. And we can help him in this. How? It is enough to keep it nearby. At the slightest sign of a cold, * - locked in the throat, tucked in the nose, pulls on the sneeze - we get Bioparox® and "extinguish" the focus of inflammation. We get anywhere: from your pocket. Bioparox® is compact and, as we remember, it is stored in a special case: it does not get dirty and does not stain clothing or bag.

In the cold season Bioparox® is our "emergency help". The most common mistake: a person, feeling an ailment in the middle of the working day, "reaches out" to the house and only then takes something from the common cold. And the train has already left. Disease-causing bacteria multiply rapidly - and as a result we get sick for a long time. Simply because it is no longer necessary to fight with a dozen "occupants", but with thousands: during the delay with treatment they arrived. Therefore, it is better to keep Bioparox® ready. To be fully armed.

In what other cases is it important to have Bioparox® on hand?
  • When we are going with the family on a trip, we do not take a bag of anti-cold medicines: Bioparox® is with us, it fits even kids from 2.5 years old - that means we are calm and do not drag out too much.
  • Sending a teenager to a winter camp, we do not experience that drops from the rhinitis and lollipops will roll around with chips, gadgets and other teenage "treasures." We put Bioparox® in a stylish orange case in the bag of a child - and the topic of confusion is closed, and the child is insured against a cold *.
  • Older parents take a lot of drugs "from this"? We do not worry that in case of a cold they will have to swallow an additional portion of "chemistry". We buy Bioparox® on the basis of natural fusafungin, with local action - and put it in a prominent place in the medicine cabinet.

Do not be ill! And if you get sick - get well quickly and with comfort!


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