Violation of the microflora of the vagina

Causes and treatment of vaginal microflora disorders in women

Violation of the microflora of the vagina in womenInfringement of a microflora of a vagina happens not once for a life of the woman. And this trouble can affect not only women who live sexually, but also virgins. What should be the normal microflora of the vagina, what are the symptoms of its negative changes and how to be treated?

Normally, many microorganisms live in the mucous membrane of the female genital organs, but about 95% of them are lactobacilli. These microorganisms are good, they produce lactic acid, which does not allow reproducing harmful microorganisms. The remaining 5% are just conditionally pathogenic microorganisms - gardnerelles, fungi of the genus Candida, etc. Sometimes the number of lactobacilli begins to decrease and they are replaced by harmful microorganisms. Then a violation of the microflora of the vagina, these symptoms gives:

  • copious discharge (gray, green or white), often with a sharp odor;
  • redness and itching of the genitals;
  • soreness in sexual intercourse due to the dryness of the vagina.

If you do not treat the violation of the microflora of the vagina, pathogens can affect the urinary system, spread further into the fallopian tubes and ovaries. As a result - problems with kidneys, infertility, adhesive process in the tubes, ectopic pregnancy. This pathology presents a great danger for expectant mothers. After all, they have several times increased risk of premature birth and postpartum endometritis.

But before talking about getting rid of this pathology, we learn what causes the vaginal microflora in women, because any disease is easier to prevent than treat.

Most often, the change in microflora is due to hormones. More precisely, because of hormonal failures that often occur in women during menopause, as well as when taking certain medications. For example, oral contraceptives.

In addition, chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, may exert some influence. How to restore the microflora of the vagina will have to reflect and after a long reception of antibiotics, frequent use of vaginal contraceptives (spermicide) or syringing. By the way, antibiotics are often kept in shop meat, dairy products, so you can get dysbiosis without taking antibacterial drugs directly.

If you have the appropriate symptoms, you need to contact a gynecologist. But you are unlikely to make an effective appointment after the first dose, as it will be necessary to examine the smear microscopy and the results of bacteriological culture. To appoint a pill or a candle in violation of the microflora of the vagina, the doctor should know which pathogen became the culprit of dysbiosis. It is superfluous to pass the analysis and on the latent infections, passed sexual by.

If a Candida fungus is found in the smear, it will disturb typical candidiasis symptoms, such as itching and white, curdled discharge - the doctor will prescribe antifungal agents. Candles for intravaginal use or oral tablets may be prescribed. In mild cases, it is enough to take a single dose of the drug for the complete disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

If the gardnerella is found in the smear, the treatment will be performed with other drugs, antibacterial and antiseptic. And this disease will be called bacterial vaginosis. After his treatment, gynecologists usually recommend taking a course, 7-10 days, to normalize the microflora. The choice of preparations for local use is very wide: "Laktozhinal", "Acipol", "Atsilakt", etc. Good results are shown by "Vagilak" when taken orally.